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Summer Jobs For College Students In Chicago

Lois Said:

For a minimum wage job, is a half hour travel time on a bus too much?

We Answered:

In a good economy I would say no-way, but these days it is well worth it for now. Especially since you have a U-pass

Lynn Said:

How much does a summer day camp head counselor make?

We Answered:

check online

Corey Said:

I am looking for a summer job in Stillwater, MN or surrounding area. Any suggestions?

We Answered:


i am a director for free life int. inc. i am looking to develop a sales force. i understand this may be more of a business opportunity than a position but if you can sell there is considerable money to be made, with me and this company. if you have any questions, e-mail me at, or visit my web page at www.bernardkrispinsky.freelife...

b. krispinsky

Brent Said:

What are the chances of me going to a elite college(northwestern, university of chicago, UVA,duke,ucla,ucsf?

We Answered:

Your SAT score is low, but everything looks great. Are you from the D.C. area? If so, you'll be competing with your own classmates for admission to the top schools, as well as against other kids from your county (i.e., against some of the toughest competition in the country). Many of them will look mostly at East Coast schools (especially in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast), so you can increase your chances of getting into good schools by looking a little farther afield. Schools like Rice, Wash U., Northwestern, Chicago, Carnegie Mellon and the U. of Washington are all good choices. You also might want to consider Oberlin, Wisconsin, Michigan, Vanderbilt, and Emory.

Norma Said:

any other teens having a hard time finding is kinda late to be lookin i know?

We Answered:

this is the worse spring for teens and young adults such as you in 30 years. the job market is tight and the economy continues to slow. employers who normally hire a lot of part-time and short-term employees for the summer just aren't hiring as many. you are also having to compete with adults who are having to take a second job to support their families.
employers have a glut of applications for just about any job and they are being very selective. i am sure this is not what you wanted to read and i wish you luck. continue to apply anywhere you can and don't be overly selective. broaden your prospects and open up your availability to make your self available for any possible job. good luck!

Cody Said:

I live in Chicago. I want to travel this summer and make a lot of money while doing it..what can I do and how?

We Answered:

I am also a student ( Kelley School of Business, IU)

I know it will sound boring and not rewarding, but having the same goal last winter I ended up going on a mission trip (South Africa) with my church ( I couldn't believe I gave up parties and crazy fun). But it is extremely eye-opening, new, exciting. Plus I felt very useful and like I was making my own difference. I met new people - the same age as you and me, so sophisticated, smart, outgoing. I could go on. But that's my advice - put it all apart and make a difference for the world and for yourself, your help could make someone so much happier!!

Or else you could go to Europe as part of abroad program ( every college has a few). You could work on an internship, while earning credit and seeing Europe ( well, at least part of it). I like Rome and Barcelona.

I am very travel-oriented, but home my advice helps! Good luck!

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