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Summer Jobs For College Students In Nyc

Steven Said:

Gay nightlife in NYC?

We Answered:

i dont know your age. either way im underage have no clue lol

Glenn Said:

Which is the better college for me? (In NYC)?

We Answered:

salam... my opinion u should weight the pros and cons to see the benefits clearly....

From what you have written St.John sound like a great place to further your studies and your sister is there to help you out...just that money can be the big issue is okay to study while working if you are used to it...just that you going to be very tired and it might going to affect your performance in studies....

Hurmmm...thats true...bad reputation doesnt mean bad you wrote the PA program is selective and only accept 30 students....but dont you think that there are reasons behind it...maybe because they want to ensure the quality of education or there are too many applications who are interested to study PA program...think positive :)

its nice to go to a place where no one ever goes....why not for a change??challenge yourself where you will be out from your comfort zone...i bet it will be tough in the beginning but sooner or later you going to love it :D

hopefully you going to find the answer....but if your still have doubt then pray to Allah...hoping for the best decision...i pray for your success...insyaallah


Wayne Said:

Failed Michigan student looking to move to NYC for college?

We Answered:

If you're interested in exploring NYC, then going to college there is a great way to do that. I'm happy that you've found a place that will help you out re: financial aid, because I'd been concerned about that for you.

Know that this is your last shot. You blow it at LCC, you're out - your aid is gone, and you'll be stuck self-funding your courses while you try to raise your grades. So don't get lost in the bright lights of the big city. Your primary role right now is student, so you must make sure that, regardless of everything else, you focus on your schoolwork.

Know that Michigan is an EXTREMELY cheap state to live in, and you will thus find the cost of living in NYC, which is one of the more expensive cities on the planet, to be shocking. But there are things you can do to save money - live in a less expensive part of the city, get a roommate, get a part-time job (try on campus first), etc. Just brace yourself for the expense, and do it, because your age is a great age to at least *try* living in the city. You can always move back home, or go elsewhere afterwards, but at least you'll have tried it, and how great is that?

Come to NYC. Come here... we're luring you in. ;)

Donna Said:

How can a summer intern find a cheap apartment in NYC?

We Answered:

there are no cheap apt in nyc

Howard Said:

Anyone know any jobs that are hiring in nyc?

We Answered:

Go to a job fair in the NY area (see below) and apply.…

You can search for jobs here too.

Pedro Said:

About how much rent for studio/1 BR apartment in a safe area in the NYC metro area.?

We Answered:

First of all, reasonable *driving* distance? No. What you need is reasonable *train* commuting distance. [Among other considerations, if you're asking this question, you can't afford to park in Manhattan.]
Try a budget of $1200/mo. You can probably find something nice in southern Brooklyn, in Queens, or in Hoboken/Jersey City, New Jersey.
If you need cheaper than that, you can go farther afield, e.g. to New Jersey suburban towns or Westchester County or the Bronx.

Theodore Said:

Where can I "learn" art during the summer in NYC???

We Answered:

Sure, there are plenty of places in NYC that offer top notch classes in art. About one or two summers ago my friend went to Summer Live at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Don't worry they have way many more classes than just fashion. After going through these courses they offer you should have a nice little portfolio that will standout more to places you will be applying to. Parsons school of design has summer programs as well. I'm just not sure if they have already started or will be starting soon. Also if I'm not mistaken they offer weekend classes for high school students during the school year that last a few weeks which is also something to consider. Hope this helps.

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