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Summer Jobs For College Students

Dolores Said:

What are some good summer jobs for a college student?

We Answered:

there is always telemarketing, that usually pays pretty well and if its just a summer thing you could try a golf course, they always need caddys and maitenance people to like mow lawns and stuff or if you live near a beach or lake or someplace like that there are usually beachhouses that need to be staffed.
good luck!

Esther Said:

what are some good SUMMER jobs for college students?

We Answered:

The answer depends on where you are living or going to college. The coastal towns of New England are loaded with hotels, motels and restaurants, as well as resorts of all kinds such as yacht clubs and marinas, which all hire summer help in droves. Most of these places also offer room and board (though often primitive) in addition to the job.
If you are looking only for summer employment while in college, look to the recreation and vacation spots all over the country. State parks, campgrounds, restaurants, hotels, theme parks; anywhere people flock while on vacation. Have a great summer!

Vincent Said:

Summer Jobs?

We Answered:

Have you ever thought of tutoring high school stundents?? The ones that are in summer school need the MOST help so naturally a high demand for tutors is the summer time.

Other could be:

1) Counselor for a summer school/camp
2) Lifeguard
3) Mentor (Big Borther/Big Sister) - done think you get paid for this tho
4) Odd jobs for neighbors or relatives

Martin Said:

College Student Summer Jobs?

We Answered:

Vector Marketing is one of the worst companies in America. They sell knives door-to-door. Your gf will be required to pay $140 upfront to buy some knives as "samples" to show potential buyers. The company promises to provide "leads" but they never do. They just use the phone book. The knives are super-expensive.
Law firms won't advertise their summer jobs because they would get 200 applicants per month. She has to go in person and explain exactly what hours and months she is willing to work. A local law firm will hire her but the pay won't be very high.

Lucille Said:

Good paying summer Jobs for College student?

We Answered:

Are you looking to a job that you can set your own hours and get paid weekly? Then we have the best job for you! Listed below is a starter position which pays between $50 to $300 per week.

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Increase your earnings even more by promoting our e-PAL® program on the world wide web. No website experience? Don't worry, we will even show you how to promote your personal website on the internet.

We set up your website, you hand out your PAL® cards > interested people call in > we enroll them > you get paid ($100 for each Premier enrollment, $50 for each Dental Plus enrollment and $10 for each wireless only enrollment).

Interested in earning more? Ask our customer service reps about our other positions that might be a suitable fit for you or someone you know.


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