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Summer Jobs For Students In Europe

Kent Said:

Where can I find a summer job internship given that I'm a first year undegraduate student in the UK?

We Answered:

The University of Dreams is an internship placement program that has programs in cities around the world, including programs in London and Barcelona. All internships include room & board, transportation to and from work, weekly seminars, and weekend activities - it's a great program! I was placed in Los Angeles and had an amazing summer. All internships are guaranteed, so you're sure to have a good experience - and plenty of students from the UK participate. If you decide to apply, use the reference code OU_CM on the application to receive a rushed acceptance decision since you heard from an alumni.

You can get more info at

Tracey Said:

How can get I some kind of summer job in Europe?

We Answered:

There is no working holiday exchange for Americans, since the US won't allow it for visitors to the US. Some countries in the EU have sponsored work visas only, others have a highly-skilled worker scheme based on a point system for various qualities.

The highly-skilled worker schemes generally require a university degree (some countries like the UK require at least a Master's) and/or extensive work experience in a skilled area. Points are given for other attributes like age and prior income, and your career needs to have a lack of local workers in that field.

Sponsored work visas mean that you'll need to find a job first, then apply for a permit. Most countries require that this is done from the US, although Germany allows Americans to stay a short while to look for work, then apply within the country. Within the EU, a company has to show that they advertised the job locally and there were no suitable applicants. In other words, it usually requires higher education and specialised skills in a needed field (qualified teaching.. not ESL, healthcare, engineering, science). It's generally not worth the hassle to a company to hire outside the EU, and it's very unlikely you could find short-term work even if you meet the needed qualifications.

The easiest way is usually to transfer to an international branch of a US company that already employs you. Again, this is unlikely for summer work. Paying a fee to a placement company most likely wouldn't work anyway, since you still have to meet these other requirements.

Student visas are the easiest way for Americans to live in Europe, thus the university programs. Most study permits allow at least part-time work (without the above requirements) which means you can seek jobs like a local.

The UK provides plenty of English-speakers for ESL, au pair and similar work. Thus, most companies that deal in this will accept EU-only. It's actually not legal to hire non-EU for this type of work in some countries.

The other thing you have to consider is language. If English is your only fluent language, you'll be limited to UK/Ireland (which has the strict hiring schemes I mentioned above). Without proficiency in the local language, it's very difficult to find a job, even if you live here. The economy is bad in most countries right now, and unemployment is high. I don't mean to sound so pessimistic about your chances, but the truth is that it is very unlikely to find a summer placement in Europe. If you have the skills and education, long-term employment is a possibility, but with all the restrictions it doesn't make sense to hire an American without a lengthy job commitment.

Vivian Said:

How can I find a summer job in Seattle, WA - I am a student living in Eastern Europe and need a J1 visa!?

We Answered:

I am an 18 year old female and own my own business. This is an at home business selling candles. We have a fine line of gourmet candles and other products such as jar candles, votive candles, pie and cinamon bun candles, soap bars, hand wash, lotion, and air fresheners. You choose your hours and when you work. You make 100% profit based on what you sell. You sell at retail and buy at whole sale. It is a good way to be creative and meet new people. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. My webisite is and my email is

Thanks, Chelsea

Thomas Said:

How does a 24 yr.old female get some kind of teaching or tutoring job in Europe for this summer?

We Answered:

I'm an American in Europe (Norway), and it's true there is little opportunity for Americans to work in Europe. I have dual citizenship with Sweden which allows me to live in the EU and Nordic countries, but I got that after living in Sweden several years on a relationship visa. The hiring guidelines are very strict in favor of hiring locally, and as you've found out, there's no reciprocal working holiday program because the US won't agree to one.

The reason there are student programs is that a study visa is much easier to get, and allows students to work to support themselves while in Europe. It's technically a sort of free study on exchange.

For an actual work visa, you'd have to commit to a longer stay (most countries won't issue a permit for a contract of less than 6 months) and have highly specialised skills/education to get a job in the first place. This doesn't include ESL teaching, only qualified teaching with a university degree. Working with children isn't considered skilled work with a lack of local workers, so it's not eligible for a visa even if you were staying longer. And native English speakers are plentiful in Europe, so there's no need for companies to look beyond the EU.

Margie Said:

I live in the US, how can I find a job in Europe for this summer?

We Answered:

If you are American then it is going to be tough as there is no recipricol agreement (like e.g. Australians and New Zealanders have) for a "working holiday". This means that you will have to apply for a standard working visa and this is almost impossible to obtain unless you have some kind of specialist skill/experience that cannot be found in the pool of labour from the EU. Yes I know that Norway is not EU but it is EEA and therefore party to the same policies in this regard

My husband (non-EU) worked in Norway for sometime and even with a specalist skill, it took over 8 months to obtain this visa.

Best thing you can do is to save up by working part time now until the summer (so that you do not have to work)

You can read more on the official immigration site from Norway here… Compared with many countries it is actually a very good site - clear and concise info. Alternatively you can contact the Norwegian embassy in the US to find out your options.…

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