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Summer Jobs For Students In Ireland

Mabel Said:

What do students in Ireland do about Summer jobs and part time work while they are in College?

We Answered:

I'm a postgrad. I had to pay €5000 in fees and I've been unemployed since March. Can't find a job anywhere. I had to move home and basically have been living off savings. I haven't been out for a proper night out in 5 months. The only things I allow myself to spend money on are petrol and phone credit.

Unfortunately in the most part Podge & Rodge are right. Most of the students who get government grants (or at least the ones I know) go off and spend the whole lot on drink as soon as they get it.

Franklin Said:

Anybody know anything about college students living and working in Ireland for a summer?

We Answered:

Galway is full of students so you will fit straight in.
Jobs are a bit tight here in Ireland but flexible hours are desired more.
My brother has a part time job and is at Galway University so I suggest you start your search in Galway.
Somewhere near a place called Salthill.

Patricia Said:

Student Job in Republic of Ireland?

We Answered:

There is a serious lack of jobs in Ireland right now. It's also the middle of the summer, which means that Irish students have taken most of the summer jobs available. I just apply directly to shops so I don't know of any websites that can help with that.

These rent out their student rooms, but I've stayed in their on campus accommodation before and it is pretty awful.

Herbert Said:

Im a student from ireland thinking on doing j1 for summer 2011 would love some helpful suggestions and ideas?

We Answered:

You have sufficient time as you shall be finishing your degree inn think twice to achieve your goal.I think you should go for a job after graduation and side by side do any type of job of your intrest.

Julio Said:

Is it relatively easy to get a job in Ireland?

We Answered:

It is really hard to get a job in Ireland at the moment but its not impossible. Most places generally don't do walk in interviews. You can hand in or email a cv to pubs and clubs, and check some irish job sites to see if anybodies hiring. Some places have application forms that you have to fill out, rather than handing in a cv, this is usually the case with supermarkets and big department stores.You can pick up an application form from the store or you usually can download, or print out the form from the internet. You don't need a college education to do bar staff or waiting, or to work in a department store. What they really look for is past experience, and you'll need to include references from previous employers. If you don't have any previous work experience you can use a college tutor, or somebody that can vouch for how responsible, honest and great you are. Generally you cant use family members as references but everybody lies on cv's :)

Here's some irish job sites:

They should give an idea of whats out there.
Good luck :)

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