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Summer Jobs For Students In Ontario

Melvin Said:

is tim horton's looking for students to work?

We Answered:

Yes! They are always desperate for people to work there! I used to work there and they seem to hire basically anyone who applies. (That or they pick the dumbest possible...) Anyway, walk into the location you want to work at, ask for an application form, fill it out, print off your resume, and take them both back into the store. Ask if you can speak to a manager to give them an application. They'll probably just take it off your hands right there, or the manager will come out and pick it up from you. They might ask what you're looking for. Don't say "summer" job, say "part-time" so it at least looks like you aren't going to quit in two months. Just make sure you print really nicely on the application form and your resume isn't a piece of garbage. It's real people looking at it, and if it looks like garbage they'll probably just laugh. Otherwise you're basically guaranteed an interview! Good luck :) it's really fun there.

Erik Said:

Summer hospitality jobs in Canada?

We Answered:

a job with the tourism industry

Theodore Said:

Alberta Job (Student) Opportunities?

We Answered:

Any work you do and earn money is a JOB.
Your options are limited. Most businesses want you to be 16 to hire you for gainful employment.

Time to be inventive,
My suggestions to you:

Make up fliers and pass them around in your neighborhood.
Offer to do whatever work it is you want to do, such as :

Computer work, Babysit, Clean Garages, Organize Cupboards, File Papers, Wash Cars, Mow Lawns, Pull Weeds, Tutor the neighbors kids, wash Dogs, Dog sit, Clean the Pool, Assist the elderly, whatever...

Post first whatever it is you want to do or are good at ...
However, You should keep your options open and make a decision after the persons call you instead of not giving them many reasons to call.

Your neighbors who might hire you do not have to be residents, they might be local businesses that need a little job done. Do not be afraid to ask and apply. You won't get a job if you don't try.

Tim Said:

What percentage of tax will they take off my paycheck in Ontario for people under 18 years old(students)?

We Answered:

If it's a summer job or year long... if you are 18 or 50... if you are a student of a 20 years after your graduation, taxes are calculated the same for everyone.

Using the T4032 and Online tax calculator on CRA's web site... you will pay 12.41 in EI. 28.85 in CPP. and 52.26 in taxes. That's a grand total of 93.52 deducted per paycheque.

You could fill out a TD1 form to ask your employer to not take the taxes off as this is a summer job and you would therefore most likely receive all your tax back if you don't make more than 9000 during the summer

Katrina Said:

What stores in Thornhill/Vuaghan Ontario are hiring students ?

We Answered:

the photography store in the promenade

Paul Said:

Summer geology internship or summer job?

We Answered:

Talk to some of your professors. Many organization and governmental agencies that have openings for students will send mass emails to professors. So most professors will hear of a bunch of openings. Also, look for postings around your school and on your school's webpage. My school has a jobs/career webpage and they post a lot of internship openings.

Good luck. Internships, although often hard work for little pay, look great on your resume and really help you succeed in the job market in the future.

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