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Summer Jobs For Students In Toronto

Jesse Said:

How to find a summer paid internship in Toronto?

We Answered:

Try P&G Canada. I'm not sure how much they pay there in Toronto. In my country, they pay REALLY well. I had my summer internship in P&G. The work was really challenging and fulfilling. Go to and click on Careers --> create an account there.

Lucy Said:

What stores are hiring?

We Answered:

Yorkdale's website has a list of stores that are hiring. See:

Most of these positions are seasonal and part-time anyway. If you want to, you can specify (in your cover letter/when you meet with the manager) that you're only looking for summer work.

Good luck!

Viola Said:

Where can I find a summer job?

We Answered:

Usually I go on Job Bank,…
Other times I go on Kijiji, but it's often filled with scams and weird ads there so I don't go there anymore. Also, when I was 16 I worked in amusement parks such as Wonderland or Ontario Place, usually they hire plenty of students, easy jobs and okay pay, you can work as cashier etc.
And since you're 16 and live in toronto you can hardly find arts/culture position right now, under this economy, especially you didn't have much experience to it, unless it's volunteering.
Good luck on your job search!
PS. feel free to email me about applying jobs and stuff, perhaps I could give you some tips, I am currently looking for summer jobs too, just finished first year university.

Karl Said:

HELP!!! Irish students on our way to Toronto?

We Answered:

I don't really know of any 'frat houses' in Toronto - I went to U of T and frats weren't really a big institution.

Best bet are residences at U of T. They're really cheap by TO standards, quite clean, and right downtown. All the amenities you could want are close by, with plenty of green space and the lake just down the road.………

As for jobs, if you have a valid work permit, or Canadian citizenship, you can get entry-level jobs fairly easily. Just bring along a load of resumes. There's also a career office at U of T that you can just sneak into and peek at the job listings.
Here are instructions on working in Canada:…

Deanna Said:

where is it easier to get a job for me toronto or montreal ?

We Answered:

montreal has better bars.
come, you'll love it.

frustrated writer-- completely ignorant. don't bother reading past the third line.

Sheila Said:

how do you find a summer labour job in fort mcmurray as a student for about 4 months or so?

We Answered:


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