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Summer Jobs For Uni Students

Lydia Said:

Anyone here in mining, oil...?

We Answered:

Nearly all of the companies of any size do exactly that every summer, either as a training/early interview process or just for vacation relief.

Pick out a half dozen that you favor and start applying now. Get some contacts within the company and network. Find out if anyone you or your family knows someone in the industry who can point you in the right direction.
Is there any current activity near where you live or where you go to school? Go out and visit at the location of the work and tell them why your are there.

Ian Said:

Please, what can I do/say to stand out when applying for a summer job?

We Answered:

Be Smart, Cheerful and honest
No-one likes a scruffy, miserable mumbler.
Good Luck

Melvin Said:

Im a uni student who is home for can i make friends?

We Answered:

Meeting friends is so easy!!! It depends where you live and what you are willing to do but you can go pretty much go anywhere, you can go to the park, go out dancing, cruise downtown, work out at a GYM, play a sport even if you don't like it you might find it interesting and most likely meet future friends!!! Where do you live? Anywayz good luck!!!

Francisco Said:

Really need a summer job!?

We Answered:

i think the best place to look in the ad section in the local newspapers. they usually have babysitting jobs, part time cleaners that type of thing. they also take on students in the call centres for insurance companies. id go into the job centre and actually speak to someone about your situation and they're bound to help you, thats what theyre there for. If not, ask family and friends if they need any help i.e. decorating or cleaning

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