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Summer Jobs For

Fernando Said:

summer jobs!?

We Answered:

babysit, ask your parents for chores around the house, maybe yardwork for neighbors.

Samuel Said:

What are some good ideas for cushy summer jobs?

We Answered:

waiter or sales clerk.

Dwayne Said:

SuMmEr JoBs??

We Answered:

Do things around the house for your parents, grandparents, and/or neighbors. Offer to clean the house, watch siblings, watch the house when they're gone, walk the pets, cut and maintain grass, etc...

Leah Said:

Summer jobs?

We Answered:

There are other summer jobs that you can do to make some extra cash other than baby-sitting. If you like animals, you could walk dogs or offer a doggy day care for your neighbors that need a dog sitter. If you’re really good at one subject in school, you could offer tutoring services over the summer. You could offer grocery delivery service business. You can also find some other summer job ideas here:… Other ideas you can find there are a telephone wake-up service or even a gift buying and delivery service. So, see there’s lots of other ideas besides babysitting. Hope this helps!

Kyle Said:

Summer Jobs?

We Answered:

ymca or babysit

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