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Summer Jobs Internships

Kay Said:

Any internships/summer jobs for teenagers in Brooklyn, NY?

We Answered:

Type that in

I have no idea what your talents are.
If I were your age I would be a camp counselor out of BKLYN. and get to go to the county.
I am a New Yorker to..gets to hot here..I like spring better here.

Melanie Said:

Do law offices generally have internships or summer jobs for teens?

We Answered:

The key is to pick the right firm and have her set up an appointment with a partner.

The key to picking the firm is to see who is in the news supporting the community and local causes. Whoever talks for the firm during those items is the person you want to start your search with...

I'm in the Minneapolis area, and there are some very work oriented firms here that would probably be hard pressed to give someone an opportunity like you are describing, and then there are some very family friendly firms that would probably welcome the opportunity to mentor a kid.

Another resource you could contact is your local and state Bar Association. I think the national website is They would be able to tell you who in your area might do such a thing, and how to best go about getting your foot in the door.

Good luck!

Janice Said:

Summer jobs/internships/programs in Greater Boston Area?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Pauline Said:

Summer jobs for environmental science major interested in conservation?

We Answered:

There are plenty of agencies to allow you to choose a job related to what you want to specialize in.

The first place I would start is USA Jobs ( It starts you on the process of working up the federal promotion system and gets you some experience at the same time. I'd look for something with the Fish and Wildlife Service, EPA, Forest Service, etc. Plus you can earn some serious cash (for a summer job) while your at it.

I'd also look into the Student Conservation Association (SCA). A big advantage is that they have programs nationwide (even a few international) doing everything from banding ducks in the prairie pothole region, managing elk in Wyoming, preserving cottonmouth habitat in Arkansas, etc.

Another, often overlooked option is your state wildlife management/natural resources agency. Many offer internships (both summer and part time on weekends, etc), and even if they're full they will happily accept volunteers, although an agency's willingness (and funding) to create internship opportunities varies by state.

And as always, ask your profs if they know of any opportunities.

Edith Said:

summer jobs/internships for journalism students...?

We Answered:

If you haven't completed any coursework for your degree, you won't be able to get an internship... i would suggest volunteering with your local newspaper or try the community access channel in your city... almost all of those are volunteer based, so you will get a lot of experience... and don't forget about radio stations too... even if you are just getting people coffee, you can still network and have a better chance of getting an internship there later

Scott Said:

What summer jobs for teen who want to be a journalist?

We Answered:

Offer to write an article or column for free in the online edition of your local newspaper. If you get discovered, it could lead to a career in journalism.

In the meantime, caddy at the local golf course to earn some spending money.

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