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Summer Seasonal Jobs

Jenny Said:

Do railroad companies offer seasonal/summer jobs?

We Answered:

yes, most of our track work and large rebuilding programs happen in the summer, many college students have financed their education through summer track department laborer jobs.
It may be a bit late this year, most programs are already starting but they also need replacements throughout the year.

You are absolutely correct to think about starting in this way, many of us in engine and train service started out just the way you are thinking of.

Good Luck

Christian Said:

Do fedEx have summer seasonal jobs?

We Answered:

I don't know if FedEx does, but try UPS; they used to for years. Lots of people start that way as sorters and work their way up. Part time and night work (remember, the drivers distribute and pickup all day, so sorting and major transport go on at night. UPS is union and pretty good pay. FedEx is non-union. Guess what to expect. But you'd better be ready to work or you won't last at UPS. It is a desired employer for entry work.

Phillip Said:

What else besides a passport would I need to work in Canada for a seasonal summer job?

We Answered:

They are right. You cannot work in Canada if you are an American citizen, without a work visa. See website below.

Daryl Said:

I want to move to Anchorage, Alaska for the summer. Any seasonal job suggestions?

We Answered:

Most of the seasonal jobs here revolve around tourism and fishing. There are a lot of gift shops and hotels that hire in the summer. You could also apply with the cruise and tour companies like Princess, Royal Celebrity and Kenai Fjords. Those companies often offer lodging as well. There are some good jobs with the Alaska Rail Road, but they get taken pretty quick.
You could always get a job fish processing In Whittier, it pays really well but the hours are very long and the work is cold, dirty, and back breaking.

Ivan Said:

What kind of seasonal work is there in the Chicago area in the summer?

We Answered:

Day camps, lawn work, life guards. Check with your park district.

Evelyn Said:

Summer/Seasonal Jobs?

We Answered:

life guard, $16/hr for sitting by a pool

free training from Parks Dept.
call 311 for info

Gertrude Said:

Seasonal summer job in another state?

We Answered:

Disney used to have a program where you would work there for the summer and they'd help with accomodations also. Check out link below. If you are into nature, the National Parks Service always needs volunteers and seasonal employees.

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