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Summer Student Employment

Darrell Said:

Unlucky in finding employment, how else can I survive the summer as a student?

We Answered:

Are you a handyman? Can you mow lawns, trim bushes? Can you take care of pets? Make some kind of funny flier and advertise yourself. Also look on college bulletin boards for jobs as well. Can you take care of handicapped people? Usually in the therapy or nursing department bulletin boards, there are offers to take care of handicapped people. Think of your skills and look for the need. An example: I just met an engineer who cuts trees on the side as a side job. He drives around and looks at dead trees in peoples homes and then offers to cut them down for the price of the rental. Of course he has 5 jobs lined up and has knowledge and expertise in that area so not everyone could rent a manlift and do the job. Liability and home insurance will not cover the cost if you make a mistake. This is just an example.

Hazel Said:

What's the best summer employment for an undergrad student majoring in biology seeking medicine?

We Answered:

Eli Lilly has some some internships listed on their website. Check it out.

Marc Said:

Student Looking For Employment in Scotland?

We Answered:

Try Gumtree

Also there is a callcentre in Fife called MGt which would suit the time you will be here

Jared Said:

College student seeking summer employment in Anchorage!?

We Answered:

office jobs using computers are usually not "summer jobs" , unless you know someone at a company and they have some special projects or need vacation coverage - just start contacting larger companies there

Johnnie Said:

Will declaring myself independent at 19 while making $3000 in a summer job help me qualify for student grants?

We Answered:

The $3K you are making for the summer is for this year? If so, then it won't be taken into account for your financial aid until next year's application. All financial aid, with the exception of private loans based on credit or aid based solely on GPA, use the previous year's income tax statements to determine need.

If you filed independently for last year's taxes (the taxes that were due April 15th 2007), that is the tax statement that will be used to determine need on your FAFSA.

If you are listed as a dependent on your parent's (or anyone else's) taxes for the recent tax season, the FAFSA will use that statement of income to determine need.

You don't say if you are working during the year as well or if the $3K summer job is your entire annual earnings. IF that's the only money you make for the entire year AND you have filed independently for the recent tax season AND you aren't a dependent, then you will more than likely qualify for quite a bit of aid.

Talk to a financial aid advisor. Although a financial advisor can help you with money matters, a financial aid advisor at your school can better explain your resources, avenues of aid, and qualification guidelines. That is what they are there for and it won't count against you or hurt your aid.

Unfortunately, unless you had already been filing by yourself and were not claimed on anyone else's taxes as a dependent, your aid for the 2007/2008 school year will be based on your parent's taxes (or whoever claimed you) to determine your aid (including grants not based on solely on GPA). You can claim yourself and independent but you would also have to file your taxes by yourself and be sure no one else is claiming. You would also have to make enough during the year to file by yourself (because the IRS has income limits for who has to file and who doesn't - check their website). If you don't hit those guidelines, the FAFSA will go by your parent's or whoever claimed you last.

Again, talk with a financial aid advisor. Financial aid is tricky and full of loopholes and assistance. The money is out there but it takes someone experienced and knowledgeable to not only find it but figure out how to qualify you for it.

You are carrying alot of debt if you're carrying $35K in loans/year. I hope you can find assistance that doesn't have to be paid back to help you.

Best of luck!

Andrew Said:

I'm a second year law student. This is my second summer not being able to find legal employment.?

We Answered:

Law is flooded wait until you try to find a practice when you graduate and pass the bar..........

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