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Summer Student Jobs Uk

Michele Said:

Whats a good summer job for a 17 year old student in the UK?

We Answered:

try and see if an electrical retailer such as pc world would take you on as they aren't usually very busy. also you could see if a local newsagent would like an extra pair of hands. also on the voluntering front then you could see what eco projects are available locally. quite close to where i live there is a not for profit computer recycling company and as a reward for the work you put in you can earn points towards a recycled computer

Jacqueline Said:

student summer/weekend job, im from the UK (London)?

We Answered:

Your best income potential is likely from waiting tables. Apply asap at some of the higher priced restaurants. The minimum wage for waitstaff is ~$3. However, you may average as much as $25/hour depending on tips and skill.

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