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Summer Students Job

Lisa Said:

What is the highest paying summer job for students?

We Answered:

Simple, Oil industry, my buddy is making sick cash:…

Ethel Said:

Can students claim job seekers allowance during summer?

We Answered:


Beverly Said:

could you guys tell me if there is any summer job for students of the age 17 in muscat?

We Answered:

Good luck with that, I know there aren't any 17 year olds that work in Oman though. You need to have connections..

Mark Said:

Are students applying for OSAP denied the money if they do not get a summer job?

We Answered:

No, you are not denied money if you do not work. However, money from a summer job is factored into the calculations for what you need to go to school in the fall.

If you did not work but you applied for at least 10 jobs and can prove it, you can request that OSAP review your application and adjust the amount they are expecting you to contribute towards your education.

James Said:

I am a college student (English/Teaching) Major looking for a summer job teaching english to students in US.?

We Answered:

This link looks good, I'm not sure about the criteria.

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Pulau Pari said:

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