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Summer Temporary Jobs For Students

Micheal Said:

Best way to get a summer job?

We Answered:

Go to an agency and they will apply for temporay short term contract jobs for you. Or jus get a job and dont say how long for and then leave.

Carol Said:

Question about T1 form regarding tuition?

We Answered:

You mean you're filling out a TD1? You use that form to let your employer know how much tax to withhold. It's just an estimate, it doesn't have to be perfect.

You have two choices: you can guess high, in which case they might withhold too little tax (and you mgith have to pay next April), or you can guess low, in which case they might be withholding too MUCH tax, and you'll get a big refund in April.

The first is the fiscally smart move, but if you're worried about getting a small tax bill, use the second method.

Ramon Said:

Summer jobs for students?

We Answered:

As you mentioned Voluntary work, how about the citizens advice bureau? I think you may be able to pick up a few qualifications along the way as well.

Also voluntary work in a place like this will also may you more employable as you deal with everything from customer service to law.

As for paid work, it is just a matter of keeping your eye out for jobs in local shops and online. Spread the word around your friends that you are looking for a job you never know you may end up working with them.....

Good Luck

Jeffery Said:

Summer job for italian student in YORK (Yorkshire)?

We Answered:

basically last summer i did a job in HSBC bank from July 3rd to August 31st, granted I only got the job because of my mum, but still. Whilst I was there I spoke to university kids who were on a temporary job, and they were with an agent. I suggest you get hold of one of those, such as Adecco, and they can give you a job which you can start when you like when you like, and end when you like.

Valerie Said:

What retail stores are known to hire summer employees?

We Answered:

Clothes shops are the main hirer for summer vacation jobs, but most shops will hire for the summer.

The reason they hire for this period, is that their normal staff want to take a summer vacation

Dana Said:

Summer jobs for highschool students?

We Answered:

Start by networking. Ask your parents if there could be a temporary job at the place they work. Maybe you know a family friend that works for a company or maybe even owns a store. Ask them! Start looking for jobs in the paper and online. Don't expect to get a dream job right away. You might have to take a job at a restaurant to build up work experience before some places would consider hiring you.
Make yourself seem unique to other people. Call the businesses you applied to and ask about your current application status. It will sure your ambition to get the job. Good luck!

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