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Summer Temporary Jobs

Joe Said:

Which shops are the best for temporary Christmas jobs? And Why?

We Answered:

The first answer said Argos and that is quite true. We take on a lot of staff at Christmas, if you show any potential there is a Chance to be kept on after Christmas. If you are at college or Uni you can often get hours to suit your course.The company also promotes internally rather than bringing people in from outside. Most of our management started as temps. Good luck and have fun.

Lawrence Said:

So what happens when the 411,000 jobs grown last month end at the end of the summer?

We Answered:

I don't understand how a temporary government job is "falsely inflating" the employment numbers. A job is a job is a job, and should be counted in those numbers. Those census jobs are not some kind of government boondoggle to inflate employment numbers. The government is required by the Constitution to conduct a census; and they need to hire people to do that.

Are you suggesting they should only count full-time private sector jobs? If so, why isn't the precious "free market" providing those jobs?

I like your idea about hiring people to help clean up the oil; but not paid by the government. Those clearly should be private sector jobs, to clean up the private sector mess.

Norman Said:

Looking for summer job, me and friend in south of france??? any help appreciated?

We Answered:

What nationality are you? If you are not a citizen of the EU, you are forbidden to get paid work in France or any country signatory to the Schengen treaty, even for holiday jobs. Any person who employs you has to declare the nationality of the workforce they employ and if they are caught employing foreigners illegally are liable to heavy fines. If you are prepared to work for only shelter and food and no payment, try WOOFF that takes on volunteers to assist in eco- farms short of labourers.

EDIT. I see you have added that you are English, in which case you can pick fruit, etc...for a salary.
Look for "Emplois saisonniers" on French Google. Here are some:
Bear in mind that at the moment there are no offers of fruit picking, simply because it is not the right season. If you start looking in April there will be many more offers.
Good luck!

Violet Said:

What are the best websites to find temporary jobs in cardiff?

We Answered:

There's quite alot out there you just need to look around. Have you typed in jobs in cardiff or temporary jobs in Cardiff to google? That's a great place to start, of the top off my head I would recommend, craig's list, there's a seaon workers forum and I also found that had temporary jobs on it. Hope thar sort of helps.

Byron Said:

What are some temporary jobs for a person with a Criminal Justice degree?

We Answered:

something in a law office? that may give you some experience and knowledge you could use in your upcoming career in law enforcement

i can't say exactly what in a law office, but with your degree i am sure you know what you could contribute

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