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Summer Work For College Students

Sidney Said:

Where to work? (College student needs a summer job REAL BAD)?

We Answered:

If you live in a smaller town, or know your way around well ... pizza delivery is a good source of extra income. They usually pay a little more then minimum wage, then you get like a $1 for each delivery guarenteed, and then whatever the people tip you on top of that. You get to sit in your car and listen to music half the night. Not the greatest job in the world, but it isn't terrible...

Arlene Said:

does anyone know of a summer job where you work from home; for college age students?

We Answered: Its what I do and it's worked out pretty well. What you have to do is complete surveys and offers for companies that want the public's opinion. No payment from you is ever required, not to sign up, not EVER.

The sites don't get paid directly from you, but when you complete an offer or survey, they also get paid a small portion of what you earned yourself. For example, if you complete a survey about computers let's say, you would earn maybe $2 and the web site itself would recieve $0.50 from the company also for getting you to complete the survey. These surveys take little time at all, most taking up less than even 1 or 2 minutes of your time.

They don’t need any information other than your name, email address and your home address. Yup, that is all. No credit card information, no banking information, nothing like that. All they require is your name and address so that your cheque can be sent to your home every month.

Personally I have been a member of these websites, along with thousands of other satisfied users, for approximately 1.5 years now and have earned well over $8600 by working in my spare time. This web site has been great to me, also the members and administrator are very friendly, and are always there to help you with a question or problem you may be having. I give you my word that they pay.

Jared Said:

where can I find college/HS students looking for summer/holiday work in my area? Barefootstudents didn't help?

We Answered:

Your best best is to call and speak with the counselor at your local high school and ask for recommendations. A lot of times they will know of students in need of some part time employment and can ALWAYS recommend good ones. You can also post it on the bulletin board at the local college.

Geraldine Said:

where could a college student work hard for great pay, XTREME condition for the summer to pay upcoming tuition

We Answered:

I started my own business while in school through BeautiControl, it's an excellent company. The products are absolutely wonderful and the parties are fun and relaxing. I love all the products, and they have a very large variety to choose from. Please check out their site, it says $179 to join, but this month there is a $179 rebate offer, so it's like joining for free. Amazing offer if your serious about building a business for yourself. When the site prompts you to find a consultant my number is 1029211, or email me at for more information.

Good Luck!

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