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Summer Work For Students

Bruce Said:

summer work for students in croatia??

We Answered:

wanting or giving?

Cody Said:

Question for people who live in or near Seattle: what are some places hiring students for just summer work?

We Answered:

wild waves. its a theme park.

Floyd Said:

USA summer work for Students!?

We Answered:

There is no holiday employment visa in the U.S. Your best and only chance of summer employment is through a company such as BUNAC or Camp America.

Donna Said:

Ideas for Easter/Summer work for students?

We Answered:

multilevel marketing may suitable for

Gerald Said:

Which qualifications do Engineer employers look for in engineering students for summer work?

We Answered:

Well, as an engineering student, you must do Co-op's which are jobs(paid or nonpaid). This will help you with your experience. It might be too late to look for this summer, but you can also call local engineering firms to see if they are willing to take an intern even if it is non-paid so you can learn some stuff for the experience. When fall semester starts you want to go check and see what are the qualifications for Co-ops. Various schools will be different. Many companies do hire engineering students, if they think that he/she does a good job, they might even hire them before they graduate. That means that you will have a job when you graduate.

I hope this information will help!

Allan Said:

Are there any known talent agencies that hire college students for over the summer work?

We Answered:

Are you asking about getting hired as talent or as an actor? If you mean talent then no you will not just find summer work but if you mean as someone who works at the agency you might be able to find a position as an intern.

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