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Summer Work Opportunities

Felicia Said:

Does working at a political campaign job for a summer affect your advancement opportunities?

We Answered:

You ask a good question. I am doing a summer internship for a grassroots organization encouraging people to vote, so it isn’t really a specific political campaign for one side or the other. I honestly think working for a political campaign would be great for your résumé.

Generally, employers can’t really discriminate against you for political reasons. One way that I’ve found a way to remain neutral when working for political campaigns is to participate in the activities as a photographer. There’s some information on how to make money by taking pictures here:… You can apply most of the info there to your interest. Newspapers and candidates’ websites are always interested in receiving up-to-date pictures from political campaign regardless of the issue. Hope that helps!

Lillie Said:

how can you find out how to go away for the summer to do missionary work?

We Answered:

If you want to do specifically missionary work, your church would most probably be the best starting point.

But if any voluntary work would do, a useful site on the internet:

The site lists various opportunities and has links. Good luck - what you are going to be doing is really commendable. English should be OK in most if not all African countries, your positive attitude will be much more important than your language skills.

Fernando Said:

Should I take off the summer and work as a river guide or just finish school?

We Answered:

i think you shoud finish school.. your education is more important. u can work as a river guide in the future

Clifton Said:

How can I find an opportunity for 2-3 weeks of volunteer/research/work this summer?

We Answered:

Contact Red Cross. That would be a great place to start. It will also be great on your resume, when you apply to med school.

Gene Said:

Summer opportunities teaching English/working in a foreign country?

We Answered:

Try Berlitz in Singapore. They are 100% legitimate.

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