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Tallahassee Jobs For Students

Roberta Said:

Tallahassee- How Much Do You Know About the State Capital?

We Answered:

I know one thing, Tallahassee is overflowing with scumbag politicians and the leeches that feed off of them (Lobbyists and Special Interest Groups).

Felix Said:

What do you think of FSU Communication Program?

We Answered:

It is a very good school and you can get an outstanding education there.
They are well funded - the communications equipment should be current.

Hot in the Summer, and no snow - shorts on New Years Day are not uncommon.

People who entice you with booze and drugs are NOT your friends - there is entirely too much of that at FSU, but you are a big boy and have to take responsibility for that yourself.

Fernando Said:

Student Jobs in Tallahassee For the Deaf?

We Answered:

Your best bet to answer this question would be to first contact your schools department of disability services, they would know the local resources best. You can also contact the cities dept of vocational program or similar body. DA

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