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Teenage Part Time Jobs

Erik Said:

Teenage part time job?

We Answered:

Pickpocket, no resume necessary.

Jennifer Said:

what are good part time jobs for a teenage girl in dalton, georgia?

We Answered:

You can try other retail stores in your area and you can try to get jobs at locally owned places. They are more likely to hire employees under 18.

Plus it is getting to be a good time to look because summer is the time when people hire employees.

Martin Said:

Teenage part-time jobs?

We Answered:

Exactly as you asked the question. Just walk in and ask to speak to a manager and ask them directly if they are hiring and if you may take an application. Go dressed up as if you were going some where important. I don't mean your Sunday dress but don't go too relaxed either. In most cases your first appearence is your best one. If they're hiring and they like your personality and charisma they may offer you an interview right then and there which is why you should be dressed as if you're already going to an interview. Hope this helps.

Kimberly Said:


We Answered:

Education vs. Work isn't really the argument. There shouldn't have to be a choice because a PT job IS education in and of itself. Teenagers gain a lot from working and money is the least of the benefits. It teaches responsibility, structure, discipline, time management, money management, the value of money, team work so on and so forth.
The only time it can be a problem is if it does cut into academics, but again it's a great lessen in managing responsibilities.

Jay Said:

teenage part time jobs?

We Answered:

Look at the Jobcentre plus website, or look in the yellow pages and ring around places to see if they have any jobs going x

John Said:

What is a fun part time teenage job?

We Answered:

when it comes down to it ... you will be working as a shop assistent more than likely. If you want to work with clothes and jewelry you are probably only going to be able to sell them ... which doesn't involve having to have any experience ... but it can be boring as hell after a while!

If you're 16+ you can apply for a job as a lifeguard at your local lesisure centre ... you will have to have training but i can imagine that would be something you would enjoy.

I wouldnt get too bogged down with working at the moment though ... I know money is important but I think in your teenage years it's more important to have fun! Don't go out and get a job thats going to restrict all your social life! Theres nothing worse than having to work constantly ... you'll get enough of that when you're older!

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