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Temp Jobs For Students

Delores Said:

Temp Job for College Student????

We Answered:

Uhh dude look in the newspaper, Jobs Section. Typically you can find jobs in pretty much categories that only requires high school diploma paying minimum wage etc. Jobs like McDonalds for example.

Ashley Said:

i have a question about temp jobs in philly?

We Answered:

Try Work ready Philadelphia

Alex Said:

So I have a job interview tomorrow, but the job is only 6 hours a week and it's washing test tubes in a lab...

We Answered:

Use this to practice for your dream job and interview accordingly. If for some reason you do not get the job, feel free to call and ask them if there was anything you could have done (or not done) to have been hired. Let them know you are looking for feedback on your interviewing skills. If you don't get it don't worry. It may just be that they interviewed someone else first that day and by the time they finished interviewing, they offered it to the acceptable candidates in order of interviews held. Just use the whole experience to your advantage.

Regina Said:

Temp Agencies and jobs in nyc?

We Answered:

There are plenty of opportunities.Please log on to
And/or contact
Hot Temp Jobs (tm)
465 Central Park West
New York, NY 10025, United States
+1 212-713-5634

Ricardo Said:

Claiming tax back from christmas temp job?

We Answered:

You can't do a form P38S retrospectively, once you have left job, as employer will have accounted to tax office for your money. In future, if you are only working at vacation time, ask employer form P38S. The forms are only issued to employers, and are not applicable to students working throughout the year, albeit part-time.
Payslips aren't acceptable to HMRC for repayment purposes, one supersedes another, and they are not legal documentation for tax purposes. You will need form P45 that employer should have given you when you left job.
Download form P50 from, then go into forms, complete and send to tax office with form P45.

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fendi outlet- said:

You will need form P45 that employer should have given you when you left job.

kopi ure said:

P45 that employer should have given