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Temple Student Jobs

Dennis Said:

Temple University students?

We Answered:

It means you were denied.
Perhaps you applied too late?

Amanda Said:

How to get involved for an English major?

We Answered:

Assuming you want to go into editing, publication, or feature writing, you're absolutely on the right track with the internships. If you've got time, anything you can do to get involved with publications on campus would help, too.

Nathan Said:

Is There anyone to help me??? Am BCA student,2007 passout . can i get good job now in IT?

We Answered:

okay I'm would really like to help you, and I'm sure tons of other people would too, but... your question is a little too long. If you shorten it down or turn it into a whole bunch of questions maybe you'll get more responses.

Russell Said:

Jobs that hire 14 year olds in Philadelphia PA?

We Answered:

- Paper route
- Baby sitting
- It Fall, rake leaves.
- Start a bakery from the house.

Allan Said:

Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs is an Arab?

We Answered:

Really Marj? Any other baseless statements?
Amazing info

Tyrone Said:

Can I get into Temple? Read On...?

We Answered:

Your SAT is bad, they count only math and reading and 920 won't cut it...

Plus that GPA.

You do though.. have a lot of extra curricular. I don't know, it's iffy because the GPA it was okay, but then the SAT and GPA together being low is bad.

SAT reading - 490-600
SAT math 510-610

Basically their average SAT scores are 1000-1210 with reading and math NOT counting writing. Again they don't count writing.

I will say this, 1% of the student popular has a gpa of 2.0-2.4 lol. Again iffy.…

I entered any kind of number to get the "How do I stack up?" to get the GPA's and SAT's... so ignore those on the side lol, you can change them.

Class rank is important though, did you take honors classes?

Also did you JUST apply?! You should have applied back in October. The earlier the better you have a chance of getting in......

Fred Said:

BYU or TEMPLE university ?

We Answered:

I live right outside of Philly and I love the city. I considered going to Temple as well. But, Hawaii is nice too lol You are the one that has to attend the college for the next 4 and something years so the ultimate decision is up to you. I'm going to be graduating this semester and what everyone I have talked to told me was as long as you have a degree, it really doesn't matter where you received it from.

Good luck!

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