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Temporary Jobs For Students In Singapore

Martin Said:

How to deal with my parents?

We Answered:

I think maybe if you studied harder and got better grades you'd feel better about your work because you were actually achieving. How are you going to feel when you've spent years and years in education but come out at the end with nothing but fails? You will feel like you wasted a lot of years. And you can't get those years back ever. Many of us would have loved to have been able to study at a top asian school but never had the chance. That probably means nothing to you, but you are taking it for granted. Since you are doing the IB Diploma I guess your parents are sending you to Uni too. Well why don't you use your chance of going to Uni to do something involving what you like the most, your faith. I'm sure there is a career out there for you that will let you live the rest of your life promoting your life and being close to god. It could stem from a career totally unrelated, at the end of the day it is what you make it. You might not realise why your parents can't see anything deeper than career and income, at 17 I thought the same as you, but now I'm older I can see what I should have done at your age, is education. I left education at 16 and got a job and moved out. I'm 25 now and I am finally going back to education, to make my life much much better. If I had the chance you have now, at 17 I would probably not have taken it either, because at that age it didn't matter to me. But it does now.

Ernest Said:

Anyone from Singapore looking for temporary staff?

We Answered:

Afew positions you can try :

1. Exhibition and Seminars - Handyman to set up display. Project basis.

2. Waiter for Hotel and Restaurant - Wedding, banquet etc.

3. Fast Food Chain. Mac, BK, KFC. Faster and easiest to get employed.

4. Room Steward for Hotel and resort. - Clean rooms, wash pool etc.

Unless you are going continue your part-time jobs, if not your choices is pretty limited.

Sorry, didn't help much.

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Travel Pulau Tidung said:

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