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Temporary Jobs For Students

Bradley Said:

What are the temporary jobs available for students?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Alice Said:

College Student JOBS in GA?

We Answered:

go to Craig list in GA type your city and find out there are plenty of jobs out there some are good pay too

Delores Said:

Where would be a good place to have a temporary job for a student in college?

We Answered:

If the campus is large enough it's a great place to start a search. Built in advantage of them knowing what kind of schedule you need and the ability to tailor hours to suit you vs the other way around.

Anyplace that does shift work is also good. 24/7 stores, restaurants etc etc.

And by temporary do you mean seasonal, part time, full time with the ability to work the shift you need vs the shift their hiring for or a place where you can set your own hours period?


Ramona Said:

Are there any seasonal/temporary jobs at RESORTS for university students in Nova Scotia, PEI, New Bruswick?

We Answered:

I am a former chef and worked in Diby NS in the 80-90's, St Andrews in NB is run by Fairmont, PEI might but they are privately run, NS has 4 government owned palces, Digby, Antigonish, Keltic Lodge and one more that escapes me now, I will get you the link to look and and you can forward a resume.

Harvey Said:

Can someone tell me about the temporary jobs at h&r block during tax time?

We Answered:

H&R Block probably has the best tax prep training program in the country. You will have to sign up for the class in August or September.
The class will run through the first week of December. Most likely, if you are already an accounting student, you would do well in the class, since you have to take Income Tax Accounting and Advanced Income Tax Accounting. The class will help you tremendously. They usually assign one of their most experienced Tax Expert to teach that class. I have taken their class and I am an accounting major too. The instructor had 29 years of tax experience and she was one of the best instructor I have had.

Their office leader will work with you on your schedule when they hire you. Don't expect to work that many hours. They are usually very FLEXIBLE and will work with you and match your needs.

I was not very impressed with some of the people they hire, that would be your biggest challenge. Otherwise, I highly recommend them.
Good luck

Eduardo Said:

What is the easiest way to find temporary jobs?

We Answered:

Go to an agency near you, they help you find jobs right away...i think they even help you make a resume. That's where im planning on looking for a job, or you can always be a stripper...=]

Angela Said:

Is it necessary to wear a suit for a student part-time/temporary job interview?

We Answered:

I wouldn't go for a suit, but definitely wear "conventional" shoes, "conventional" trousers, a shirt and a tie with, I'd suggest, a jacket. If it was an admin or other office-type job then a suit would be more appropriate.

Having been an interviewer many times I'd expect to see that the candidate has made an effort. I've interviewed students often and appreciate that a suit is usually a completely unnecessary purchase when funds are tight. In fact more than once I've seen the same jacket and tie appear on several different people, which amused and impressed me - at least they did take care and make the effort!

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