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Temporary Jobs Summer

Sarah Said:

Does anyone know the best place to look for temporary prt time jobs during the summer?

We Answered:

just keep handing out cvs.
ive noticed boys are finding it easier to get jobs :S

Gary Said:

Does anyone know where i can find a temporary job i can get in the summer holidays before i go to college?????

We Answered:

what I did was get a job at the pa met harbor yacht club in cape cod I tied boats down hosed them off from the sea water used a dingy to transport to the Pier that had boats to large It was fun to me.I was allowed to eat for free when they had luncheons and diners northern crab Alaskan king crab lobster or fillet Mignon when i got tired of sea food . My quarters were supplied for for free and the club members gave great tips . My own place no charge having fun at work catching a tan eating large for free and a fist full of money in my pocket.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, oh yeah If you get in good with the club members many will let you use their water craft

Bob Said:

Getting a summer (temporary) job.?

We Answered:

Try some places that normally hire extra summer help, such as amusement parks, zoos, etc. They won't be disappointed when you're returning to college in the fall.

Charles Said:

Will what i made during the summer affect what i recieve for my financial aid?

We Answered:

It shouldn't, i'm pretty sure it goes by what you will be making while you'll be in school.
Ask your advisor just to be sure.

Lillian Said:

Can medicaid be taken away if your a minor with a temporary, summer job?

We Answered:

Medicaid is based upon the annual income for the entire household. It doesn't sound like Eli's job would even come close to pushing the household income for a family of 5 past the point where they no longer qualify for medicaid.

Linda Said:

Summer jobs for undergraduates?

We Answered:

Do a google search, have a look in your uni foyers (union & dept).

We often put up posters from doctorjob etc who want summer employees.

There's a specific site, which am sorry I forget the adress...but a google should find it pretty quick enough, that is often recommended to us for temp jobs.

Good luck!

Gary Said:

Where can I find a temporary Summer job in St. Louis, MO?

We Answered:

A lot of places have already hired for their summer workers. That includes Six Flags, the Zoo and the summer camps. You can check out fast food, movie theaters, the mall and grocery stores. Another option is to start your own baby sitting, dog walking/washing/sitting or yard work business.

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