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Temporary Part Time Jobs

Billie Said:

Can I file for unemployment in California after getting laid off from a temporary part time job.?

We Answered:

Yes you can and also take advantage of some of the incentives they have to offer to see if they can help you.

Hilda Said:

Are "Contingent Jobs," "Contract Jobs," "Temporary Jobs," and "2 Part-Time Jobs" Freedom or Slavery?

We Answered:

All one has to do is look around the country, pay attention. I was thirty a quarter century ago. As a society we have advanced in leaps and bounds with technology, we have regressed in our compassion as a society. Most of us don't make enough money and it tends to make us cutthroat and try to hoard as much as possible and helps feed the never ending feud between the people who don't have a pot to piss in and the people who don't have a window to throw the piss out. Only three or four percent of Americans even make over a hundred thousand a year, yet they have an army of people defending their right to do so, it will never cease to amaze me.

Duane Said:

When filling out applications or making resumes should you add your temporary part-time jobs.?

We Answered:

I think it would depend how long you were at them and if you had creditable references. I had two part-time jobs and no full-time jobs and both part-time jobs I left on good terms and had excellent references for. You do not have to put them on there but it might be a good idea if it could help you out.

Joel Said:

Is there any temporary/part time jobs near a beach that isn't very busy?

We Answered:

You're too late. The Los Angeles area is in the midst of a recession, and ANY job is practically non existent. Even if there were any part time seasonal summer jobs available, it's just a couple weeks before the summer tourist season, and those jobs would have already been filled. Try again (sooner) next year.

Dale Said:

part time or temporary jobs in malaysia?

We Answered:

You should try looking in the news paper

Stacy Said:

What are some good temporary or part time jobs?

We Answered:

It's not always obvious how to go about looking for a job, I was in a quandary over the past few weeks when I was job searching, until I unearthed the website in the box below that presents sensible tips. I soon got myself going down the proper way, and in a couple of weeks after a few interviews I got myself a really excellent job.

Brandon Said:

Temporary, Part-time Jobs in NYC? Job help!!?

We Answered: should have something for you.

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