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Temporary Seasonal Jobs

Helen Said:

How difficult is it for multilingual people (me) to find a seasonal/temporary job in London around Christmas?

We Answered:

You should have no probs getting a job. Finding a well paid, quality job will be tougher.

Ellen Said:

Does anybody know when the seasonal Temporary-Driver Jobs begin with FedEx Home Delivery?

We Answered:

Seasonal Temp-Drivers work depending on the volume or amount of packages received by the terminal and if the contractors can handle it. It's often discouraged by the region to run temps if the contractors can handle the freight by running supplemental drivers. One thing to consider as a temp driver is that you want to ultimately get hired on by the contractor as a supplemental. That way you are working directly with a contractor.

Samantha Said:

Can someone please explain the difference between a temporary and seasonal job?

We Answered:

The difference is that a temporary job is a job you can get for certain time no matter what time of the year. It can be to cover a vacation, a maternity leave or any spot left by an employee for a short period of time. A seosonal job is for certain times of the year, for example for the hollidays, For tax season or Valentine's Day. Most of the time theese job have a starting and ending date.

Denise Said:

What does a 'seasonal/temporary' job mean?

We Answered:

Seasonal/Temp jobs usually apply to the company looking for summer help for the busy seasons. You could work FT or PT depending on what they need, there is no harm in asking. Usually what happens is you work for the summer, they let you go back to school and you either quit or call them during breaks to see if they need help. I have worked a couple of these, and it really depends on the company.

Jesse Said:

What is the highly paid temporary/ seasonal jobs in Italy?

We Answered:

you need to make up your mind whether or not you are going to usa, italy, germany or the uk, and whether you are 23, 24 or 25...and you need to decide whether you have a boyfriend, don't have a boyfriend, have a husband, don't have a husband, want to marry a british, american or german guy etc.

Your questions are ridiculous. People are giving you answers and trying to help, but you lie in your questions about everything.

If you want to go to a foreign country on a working visa, then get your act together and do it, but don't go just because you want to find a husband. Go because you want to visit a new country and do something new! If you travel to USA and they figure out you are looking for a husband and an in (which, honestly, it sounds like you are doing) then you will be deported back to SriLanka and most places won't give you another visa!!!

And you have to be prepared to work hard and in some crappy jobs...

If you are really serious about any of this, then post a question explaining EXACTLY what you want to do and where you want to go!!

(For anyone else, who is reading my comment thinking I am being a b*tch, look on her profile and read the questions she has been will understand!!!)

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