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Temporary Summer Jobs

Amber Said:

Do you know any site for temporary jobs?

We Answered:

try this list:…

Joshua Said:

How do you find temporary work abroad? I want to work in Italy for the summer and I need some help.?

We Answered:

Takea you gondola and pusha, pusha, pusha, thru the canals till you gets some a one to takea ride !!!!

Ramon Said:

I'm 16 and looking for a temporary job in the summer, any ideas?

We Answered:

Boarding kennels for dogs is a GREAT summer job if you like dogs. Their business increases by 70% in the summer so they are always looking for help. A helpful hint is to go in person with a reference from an adult friend that raves about your interaction with their dogs. Even better if you took care of their dogs when they went on vaction have them write that also.

Doris Said:

Is it possible to have a temporary accounting job for the summer with little accounting experience? I would?

We Answered:

Accountemps would probably test you and not send you to a job you were not ready for. There are many different aspects in Accounting. Go for it.

Dean Said:

Is Late March Too late to apply for Summer jobs for the Fish And Wildlife Service?

We Answered:

Contact them. If you missed the deadline you haven't lost anything by trying

"Just do it!" - Nike

Melinda Said:

live in one state, and you're going to another state for the summer, can you get a temporary parttime job?How?

We Answered:

yeah, you just apply.

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Pulau Pramuka said:

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