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Toronto Student Summer Jobs

Pearl Said:

How to go work in USA from Toronto, Canada?

We Answered:

Workers visa is US Employer's petition. You have to get hired by US Employer who is willing to petition Worker's visa for you. You cannot file the petition as employee, even if you get hired.…

Ellen Said:

Amateur carpentry classes in Toronto?

We Answered:

Try checking any community colleges close to you. Also consider getting a different job - maybe one as a carpenter's helper. Or consider checking small cabinetry businesses.

Ramona Said:

Are there any places hiring in Toronto?

We Answered:

Unemployment rate is very high now in Toronto. A lot of people is out of job.

Kristina Said:

What can I do to keep busy in the summer ?

We Answered:

Wow you sound like me. Get a job to make money, try applying to your uni/college, theatres, the city, retail, amusement parks (ontairo place, centreville), clubs/concert halls, etc.

Theres alota summer events in toronto, Luminatro, Fringe Festival, North by northeast, the AGO, to name a few. These sound funner to me than simply volunteering at say a hospital or something...

but overall, you should proly consider what you're studying and try to get a related job/volunteer position, so it looks better on youre resume and can lead to future employment/working your way up)

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