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Ucla Student Jobs

Christopher Said:

HELP!!!How long after you obtain a student visa in the US can you apply for a work visa?

We Answered:

You clearly don't understand the process. You can work, up to 20 hours per week, at jobs on campus, however, the primary purpose of a student visa is to get an education, not work.

As an International Student at UCLA it's my guess that tuition and fees will run you at least $50,000 per year.

Felix Said:

Suicidal UCLA Student?

We Answered:

well i live in costa rica, and well i always wanted to get outta here when i was in high school, i won 2nd place in two math olympics was a honor student, and i hated costa rica, i wanted to get a full shcolarship and get outta here, i was offered a $16000 scholarship for Wash U at St Louis but my family couldnt afford the rest, i got depressed and i starting cutting, and a shrink sent me meds for a year, then i got sick of that, i sucked it up, i grew up, and decided to do the best i can with what i've got, now im only three semesters away from my graduation, im having good grades and everything's peachie.

stop counting what u don't have and aknowledge what u do, u live in los angeles, i'd love to live there, stop being so negative, if u get over that and actually suck it up instead of wasting your time whining, you're gonna succeed, so my best wishes

what made me change was a friend who actually got sick of me whining and told me to suck it up...and a psychologist who gave me some cognitive therapy

good luck, hope everything gets better

Mike Said:

What do you think about the Tazing of the UCLA student?

We Answered:

Every UCLA alumnus should call the UCLA President's office (310-825-4321) and let Pres. Robert C. Dynes and Chancellor Norman Abrams know that you will withhold all contributions until the police officers are fired.

A university is usually far more tolerant and respectful of students' rights, and far more restrictive on police brutality, than outside the university gates. In Mexico, police are not even allowed inside a university gates unless specifically invited in by the Chancellor. Having worked in universities for the past 20 years, I can safely say the behavior of the UCLA PD as exhivited in the 6-minute video (not 10 seconds) is inexcusable. They could have dragged the guy out, let him scream all he wants. If he resisted phsycially, they could have handcuffed him -- for 200 years our police did not need tasers or pepper spray to handcuff people. (Maybe he was already handcuffed when they Tasered him, which is even less excusable.)

There is a big difference between being tased once (often by a low-voltage) in a test situation and having it done to you multiple times in a row in a hostile situation. There have been 73 deaths associated with tasers between 1999 and 2004. Even police officers in five states have sued Taser International claiming they "suffered serious injuries after being shocked with the device during training classes."…

Bessie Said:

Can a UCLA student with less than stellar grades still become a CPA?

We Answered:

You need to be qualified to work as an accountant. Your major is irrelevant, although obviously it would help make you more qualified. Remember UCLA allows anyone to take accounting classes.You don't have to be in the minor.

Beverly Said:

British professor, Indian doctor, and Chinese dentist - should we be giving our jobs to foreigners?

We Answered:

I think jobs should be apportioned purely on merit - nationality shouldn't come into the equation.

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