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Uconn Student Jobs

Marcia Said:

What are my chances pf getting into uconn ? High school senior?

We Answered:

The composite SAT score is out of three tests for a possible total of 2,400. Two tests which apparently you have taken is not acceptable. Your SAT is a bit low but just about everyone who has a low GPA blames family problems.

Use the site below to evaluate your own chances./

Terrance Said:

What sort of jobs are available for students majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology?

We Answered:

I'm an MCB major at UConn right now and I'm graduating this semester. I recommend you work for some of the labs on campus as soon as you're able to because this will get you some good references and experience. As it is right now, I'm planning on taking a year off to do some lab work and then go to graduate school at UNH. Like the other contributor said, there are more opportunities available the higher your education, but the biotechnology industry is still doing quite well.

I recommend signing up for the student jobs newsletter and visiting career services once in a while to get information on internships (though many places don't take internships until after you get your bachelor's). I also highly recommend taking Dr. Amy Howell's Organic Chemistry sequence because she is (in my opinion) better than Smith or Basu. Also, try and find study groups or other sources of help as soon as possible for all of your classes. Take Cell Biology as early as you can and be aware that Biochemistry is just as hard Organic Chem.

If you have any other questions, I would be more than happy to help you if you send me an email:

Good luck!

Craig Said:

Am I settling for UConn?

We Answered:

No, UCONN is a top ranked business school known throughout the nation. I say you go for it if you like it.

Dustin Said:

Can I choose how many classes to take as an Undergraduate?

We Answered:

To be a full time student you do need to have a certain number of credits, which changes with different universities. Classes are offered at all times, however in your first years of classes you will be taking generals which are more likely to be offered in the mornings, however, if you are willing to get up at 8 am and start your classes then, it is usually pretty easy to block your classes together and be done with classes by noon, it that would work for your day job.

Esther Said:

Should I get a Bachelor of General Studies Degree from UConn?

We Answered:

Currently I am an elementary teacher, but I came out first with French degree and thought being well rounded would help me in teaching. No, I was an aide and substitute, but I learned about the profession, learned to like it, navigate it, see it from a slightly different teaching job would come forth (although now there are many alternative certification programs, typically in districts that don't attract many recruits).
So,I finished degree, worked full time, went back to school (and night work) to get teachers' certificate. I don't regret the long path. A general studies degree puts you ahead of most adults. Human Development seems to be an alright field--society will need to adjust to more and more seniors (and there are great thinkers in the field that stand to help educators and policy makers) so staying with that would be good.
Any help yet? sorry to ramble...last points are that there are people who graduate and switch gears and don't use that skill set, but still feel satisfied. There are also chances to go back to school, develop more later in life, so get a little advice, do what you love doing.

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