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Uk Student Jobs

Randall Said:

How possible it is for a foreign student in UK to find part time jobs?

We Answered:

From adversetisement or from the internet.There are companies who are concern about employment.

Alexander Said:

UK Student jobs and taxes help?

We Answered:

Try not to panic. You might be on an emergency taxcode which can be changed and you will be refunded. Or sometimes the first pay cheque can have more tax and national insurance deducted.

Speak to your employer and contact your local tax office.
A web address for the Inland Revenue - for individuals - is…

Sylvia Said:

I'm a 21 year old UK student. Are there any jobs in the summer of 2008 campaigning in the US for Barack O?

We Answered:

why dont you care about politics in your own country ?

I dont think Americans will take to kindly to a foreign kid telling them who to vote for. If it were the other way round Id tell em to P**s off.

Constance Said:

I am a police officer and a student of International Relations in UK. What jobs are there for me in Germany?

We Answered:

Wouldn't you be better off asking this question in german on a german version of yahoo answers mate?

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