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Umass Student Jobs

Lori Said:

Could I transfer to UMass Amherst?

We Answered:

You would have a lot better chance as a junior, since if you try to transfer as a sophomore, they pay more attention to your high school grades and SAT scores than they do to the one semester of college classes you would have behind you at the time you would have to apply.

Tara Said:

I'm a marketing major student, need a job, can anyone be of assistance?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Brent Said:

I need help regarding Umass Boston?

We Answered:

Congrats. UMass Boston is kind of special. The bulk of their students are commuters and not typical "college-age." Hence, no dorms. The social scene on campus is non-existent.

Yes, it will be difficult to find people in your age group to relate to but many students are unmarried and without kids, just a little older than you. You will also be in the middle of Boston just near the Charles River and, if you're not shy, you should be able to meet lots of people. I don't know of your background, but I can tell you that UMass Boston students are easier to relate to than many students at "elite universities" (full disclosure: I attend one of those "elite" schools and I do not have an overly favorable opinion of the students.)

The university is kind of weird in the sense that it's one huge connected complex and you could get all the way from one side of campus to the other without ever setting foot outside. The cafeteria is pretty neat (sort of a toned-down light futuristic style) and the food, while offered by Sodexho (institutional), is decent, if overpriced.

The campus does seem to host a large number of conferences on a variety of topics and this brings people from all over New England (and the world, in some cases). The facilities are either very new or showing heavy signs of wear. The library is a bit disappointing in terms of volume for a university of that size.

It kind of feels like a slightly dystopian university of the future. I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way, it's just the atmosphere.

As for housing in Boston, $1700+ a month gets you a really nice apartment, $800 should get you your own room, possibly bath, and other shared facilities in a decent to nice area of town. If you're creative or have a lot of roommates, you might be able to pull of less than $500 a month although it might not be a pleasant part of Boston or is fairly cramped.

Try checking with people at UMass Boston or just ask people you know in the Boston area for a better idea.

Kathleen Said:

will i get into UMASS?

We Answered:

Nope ur best bet is a community college, or an online school:)

Pamela Said:

college student need financial advice.?

We Answered:

I have 40k in debt (all student loans), and I'd HIGHLY recommend getting by with as little debt as possible. If you can't afford an apartment in the city, then don't get one. Instead, look for jobs that are a little less conventional. Is there a professor you can work for? You'd have time on the train ride to and from class (you do commute by train, right, or did I misunderstand?) to get plenty of papers graded. You could also look into a job that allows you to work online, which could also be done, at least in part, while commuting. Don't risk added debt unless you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO. My 40k in loans will be nearly 80k if I just make my minimum payments over the next 25 years. Look at it this way: Take your monthly rent, and anything else that your student aid will be paying for, and double it. If that seems unreasonable, then don't get the aid.

Glenn Said:

Does a premed's student undergrad affect his future job and/or income?

We Answered:

It does matter, but not as much as some will tell you. Basically when going for jobs most employers wont even look where you did your studies. However the quality of the education you get will be reflected in your interview performance and job application. So going to the best school you can afford and can get into is a wise choice. IMHO, unless money is not really an issue, I would go to Honors college. They generally are very good academically. If money is not a worry I would go to Boston College.


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