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Umich Student Jobs

Bernice Said:

Do you think college is a waste of time and money?

We Answered:

College teaches us how to learn, so that we will not waste time on the job constantly asking the boss dumb questions. (There are also jobs like that and bosses like that, for people who didn't learn.)

However, in some respects, colleges these days indoctrinate kids against their own culture and religion and sexual orientation. Check out Mike Adams' column on

Sally Said:

I'm a sophomore in high school..dreaming of UMich - Ann Arbor, am I on the right track/future recommendations?

We Answered:

It is possible to get in with that GPA, but it is rather low. My advice to you is to apply as early as possible; also, make sure your ACT/SAT score is high because that will greatly increase your chances of admittance. In addition, participate in many clubs, sports, and volunteer activities. All of these factors are important to U of M. I know this because I have a 3.8 GPA and Michigan admitted me. APPLY EARLY, that is the best advice i can give.

Charlene Said:

ND? BC? UMich? UWisc? UIllinois? Northwestern? Marquette?

We Answered:

You should be a lock at Marquette and UWisc/UIll (which ever is your home state).

You have a good chance at the others, but not that far above what they are looking for so not a lock. Being out of state always hurts your chances.

Make sure to add in some schools that don't get millions of Chicago-land applicants. For example University of Washington, Rice University, Loyola Maryland.

Lorraine Said:

Do you think college is a waste of time and money?

We Answered:

I have a Bachelor degree and am going for my Masters after having taken a 3 year break. For years I wondered if it had been worth the time and money I spent on college, since I was unable to find a job related to my field. Now I realize that it was well worth it. with regard to jobs, I made the mistake of not going for an internship while I was in school. You're right, colleges don't prepare students for the job market. On the other hand, although my brother has a better job than me even though he only has a G.E.D. (he's also much more ambitious than me), he has been unable to move up to the managerial position because he never went to college. The college experience offers you a whole new way of looking at can't get that view merely with experience. As for the Ivy League schools, the name may make somewhat of a difference, but the education is not all that much better. Another plus of going to college is that some careers require a degree and even if your career doesn't, you may change your mind later (like I did) and if you already have a Bachelors and your career requires a Masters you won't have to start from scratch.

Alicia Said:

University of Michigan?

We Answered:

yes, you're fine

Duane Said:

Jobs at university of michigan for minors?

We Answered:

Your only hope of getting hired is to apply in person.

Think about it from the perspective of the person making the hiring decision. They have other applicants--mostly students--right in front of them. All you are is a name and number that came in online. Who would you pick for an interview? Unless you have special skills, all you have to sell at this point is your energy, hard work, and personality. It's hard for the person making the decision to see any of those qualities in you when you are just online.

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