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Uni Student Jobs

Mike Said:

What is the best job for a uni student?

We Answered:

try to work for the college in a book store or cafeteria or something...theyll usually give you discounts and they always work around your schedule and give you plenty of time for "studying." or, if its near a music store, that would be cool too so you can work up your cd collection cheaper, and give friends employee discounts.

Johnnie Said:

what is the best job for a soon-to-be uni student in aus?

We Answered:

I guess that depends on what you are studying, Myself i worked at Dick smiths while i did an electronics engineering degree. Although things have changed there slightly i got a number of valuable contacts and now work for one of my old customers

Joy Said:

Any good websites, that has good tips or templates for a cv, for jobs (uni student)?

We Answered:

Create a login and password and you can make a cv and search for jobs at the same time. Hope this helps.

Ricardo Said:

How easy is it for an Australian Uni Student to get a job in New York?

We Answered:

To be truthful, impossible. There are only 2 ways for a foreign citizen to work legally in the U.S. One is to apply to immigrate and get a green card. this takes years and unbelievable luck, as well as a lot of money. The other is to find an employer to give you a contract for a specific time and sponsor your work visa. This means you must have a VERY rare job skill. This is nearly impossible at any time, but right now, even more so. There is no such thing as a casual work visa.

Patrick Said:

what job is suited for a uni student in london for 2 weeks?

We Answered:

to be honest nobody will employ you for only 2 weeks (why dont people read questions properly he only wants work for two weeks )

Theodore Said:

What is the best way to get a part-time job for a uni student?

We Answered:

Don't overlook university jobs.

During semester time the university employ students to fill many posts around the campus. When the halls of residences close for summer holidays at the end of the academic year there are many job opportunities clearing out student accommodation.

There are also jobs advertised in Prospects. If you are not already signed up to Prospects investigate all the helpful services and ways they help graduates and students.

Link :…

Link :…

Jeff Said:

What is a good part-time evening job for a female Uni student?

We Answered:

Working front desk in the residence.

Working in the library.


Refereeing intramural sports. Handing out towels at the gym. Teaching dance classes.

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