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Janet Said:

I want to get admission as a 3rd yr student in the McIntyre School of Commerce, UVA or Wharton. Please advise.

We Answered:

You have a very outstanding transcript! I am currently an undergraduate at UVA in charlottesville (a declared science major), however, I have many friends who are trying to get into the comm school. I'm not going to lie--it is very competitive but from what I've heard (from students enrolled in McIntyre) they said to mainly keep your GPA above a 3.8 and you definitely don't have that problem :)
One piece of advice I have is if there is an area of application where you have to right about yourself, find something that makes you stand out from the rest....for an've had this dream for a long time to do (bla bla) with a Comm degree...and you would not let life's challenges (did not go to school beyond 4th grade, etc) stop you from pursuing your dream of entering the nations top colleges in COmmerce/Business, etc.

Hope this helps and good luck on your journey!

Ron Said:

Recommend some colleges that a top student can transfer to?

We Answered:

I see no reason why you wouldn't try to transfer to a top school, including the Ivys. Just check their transfer policies first - not all top schools accept tranfers (Princeton does not.) Some do, but only into their "continuing ed" type programs, and not into their prestigious undergrad colleges (Columbia and Harvard are like this). But still others accept you right into their most prestigious undergrad programs.

They certainly would give a guy from a tier 3 a chance, if your application is strong. I do believe you have a chance. Worth your time to apply.

You should also apply to some backup schools, just in case.

In the northeast, if you're going to be a bio major, I might have you take a look at: Johns Hopkins, Yale, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, Penn State University Park, Brandeis, Rutgers New Brunswick, U Maryland College Park, Tufts, NYU, and SUNY Stony Brook. These are strong science unis.

Ross Said:

My chances of getting into UPenn?

We Answered:

If you are just trying to get into Penn, which is difficult in itself, I would say 7 out of 10. Obviously, your grades are wonderful, but your rank of 15th out of 688 would give me great pause unless you are at one of the country's leading prep schools.

If you are trying to get into Wharton, I would say 3 or 4 out of 10, because of the same thing and your test scores. They would be great for most places, but since Wharton only takes 50 undergrad students/year, you need to be near perfect, unless something else about you catches their eye.

Don't get too nervous. I know several outstanding students (including one with a 2400 SAT score) who did not get into their first choice schools, and all have been happy with the way things turned out at their second choices. Sometimes, what happens is what was meant to be. It is just hard to see that immediately.

Calvin Said:

Do you think I'll get into Princeton, Cornell, or UPenn?

We Answered:


Based upon looking at your high school stats, on the whole, you seem in perfect shape.What is your major?What college are you trying to get into?I am pretty sure all those colleges will accept you without a doubt.You seem to be a bright creative young person. Let me know your status regarding if the last 3 colleges accept you?Good Luck, let me know what your where your inclination lies and which specific major you want to embark on, then we can discuss more on further matters!!


Alfredo Said:

Will I be able to get into Princeton, UPenn, or Yale?

We Answered:

Probably - you have done well.

But don't forget that you will be competing with kids who have done just as well as you have for the limited places at any of the Ivy League schools.

Find a way in your application essay to really stand out from the crowd.

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