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Usa Jobs Students

Katie Said:


We Answered:

There a lot of jobs worldwide for students from Serbia. Just search on Hotjobs in Yahoo.

Harold Said:

what are the some jobs that international undergradute students find in USA?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Billy Said:

What is the job scenario in USA? Are students (from India etc) who have done masters getting good jobs?

We Answered:

PG Course from Elite Institures only get calls anywhere. Pass outs from Other colleges have to get PG course credits from American Colleges before applying for Jobs, Job Market is not very encouraging now.

Elizabeth Said:

Are all students goning to USA for studing MS gets good jobs?if no then what they do specially foriegn studnts?

We Answered:

Many foreign students come to the US with hopes of getting a job after graduation. There are no guarantees, and students who cannot get a job offer and visa sponsorship from an employer either return home or live here illegally, risking deportation. The job market is very weak with millions of college graduates struggling to find work. With so many qualified citizen and legal immigrant college-educated workers to choose from, there is little need to spend thousands of dollars arranging a visa for a foreign student graduate.

Bruce Said:

jobs for international students in USA?

We Answered:

You are only allowed to work 20 hours a week in a job related to your major. And this has to be approved by your FSO. Without knowing your major we cannot tell you what sort of jobs to look for.

My Canadian daughter getting her PhD in the US works 20 hours a week as a researcher in the field of her degree.

Bertha Said:

USA students R taking loan for study,Pharmaceutical & Com jobs R going to India.So,where is their future?

We Answered:

in India...

get ready for the heat ppl

although even now jobs are being outsourced from India. Indian computer firms like Infosys and Wipro are contructing campuses in China, Vietnam etc...

The labor in Indian cities (Bangalore, Mumbai etc...) is earning more so the the price incentive is less like it was before. The companies are branching out into smaller Indian cities but the firms are also oursoucing/recruiting. Infosys(i think it was infosys) is recruiting Americans to come to india, get trained, and then they are deployed all over the world

what a world we live in today...everything, like my friend Tom Friedman would say, is FLAT!

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