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Uw Student Jobs

Marion Said:

Highest Paying Summer Job for college Student?

We Answered:

Being a waiter at an expensive steak house would pay well in tips.

Could you tend bar? Are you 21?

Construction pays well but with the economy being in the crapper, I'm not sure if this is the way to go.

If you are technical, you could look into online marketing.

Selling pictures online to photostock sites.

Writing articles for sites that'll pay you, like ehow or

You could also offer to write original articles and sell them on sites like but people here are looking for a bargain.

Juanita Said:

What are my chances of getting accepted to UW-Madison?

We Answered:

i dont mean this racially at all as i am also a minority (1/2 indian and 1/2 white) but ur minority status might not matter because ur income is high for a black person. i too am a minority in the mid six figures and it didnt change a thing

Julie Said:

best place to live, work, and acquired Public Transportation in Seattle?

We Answered:

Actually, the public transportation system is not that bad. When I was finishing my degree there in 2003-2004 I commuted from quite a long distance away (past Tacoma!) and, with the bus lanes the commute wasn't too bad.

One of the great benefits of you being a UW student is that you will, every quarter, receive a reduced fare student sticker that you just throw on your student card. You just flash that at the bus driver or sound transit ticket-taker and it's good for King and Pierce counties on Metro (Seattle Transit) or Sound Transit express buses (they were excluding Snohomish county at that time).

Every day you'll be able to enjoy one mountain range to the east and one to the west. To the south is beautiful Mt. Rainier.
When you're stuck in traffic, the view will compensate and inspire you.

On Capitol Hill in Seattle, you'll likely find the most young and vibrant people. Many single people live there and many people walk or take the numerous buses or trolleys in that area. Also, Capitol Hill has probably the most coffeeshops per square inch of anyplace around.

Frances Said:

What are my chances at UW-Madison?

We Answered:

I think Wisconsin would be a safety school. You should apply anywhere and everywhere you can. You have a great profile that is diverse in terms of activity. Ohio State and Northwestern have great pre-med programs if you want to stay in the midwest, but I think you should aim higher the UW-Madison. Don't get me wrong UW-Madison is a great university, but give some others a shot, you may be surprised at what you get. I used this site when I helped my cousin apply. Also, middle class families (60, 75 and 100K or less) have some great financial aid initiatives at some of the liberal arts schools and the ivies. Northwestern has a good financial aid department as does U of Chicago. Dream big, your profile looks great.

Frank Said:

What kind of jobs (related to my major) available for economics degree with no working experience?

We Answered:

Hotel Manager.

Reporter for a local tv station.

High school teacher.

You can work in the Payroll Department of any local business.

Glenn Said:

tax for thai student?

We Answered:

Grants are not taxable in the United States.

You have stayed in the United States for more than 183 days. There fore you do not qualify for the substantial presence test or the closer connection test.

Your basic question is where do you file this income.

Line 12 covers grants, scholarships and fellowships of the form 1040NR
Take this amount from your form 1042-S box 2 and place on line 12 of the 1040NR... If there is a tax treaty exemption amount, place the exemption amount on line 22

This income should be from Effectively Connected with U.S. Trade or Business.

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