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Asc Student Loans

Gilbert Said:

Never been late on a mortgage payment, but still getting foreclosed..?

We Answered:

you are right, it doesn't make sense on the banks part. However, no matter what you need to make the payments.

I would suggest getting a part time job. MANY students work and go to school full time. Or get a full time job and go to school part time.

Husband can also work more.

Armando Said:

You're going to think this is a joke, but how can I get a mortgage for $4k without asking a co-signer?

We Answered:

What you need is a hard money lender-meaning they dont look at the credit or your capacity to pay the loan back- they just look at the collateral. Call a mortgage broker in your area-they should be able to at least direct you to a lender. As for not buying the house- I think it is a great investment opp. If the university is the only thing keeping this town alive, then chances are that someone is going to have to rent- and who better to rent to them than you- and within a couple of year the house is free and clear and just making you extra money every month. I would do it for sure.

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