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Bank Of Nd Student Loans

Steve Said:

Should all states be able to benefit from the carve outs in the HC bill designated to only one state?

We Answered:

No Sen. Landrieu (Louisiana) said without the $300 million they would not be able to cover the Medicaid and Medicare part that they normally do. So she is getting it. Thing is the other states are in the same shape and will not be able to meet there obligation as right now it's a 70%-30% split. So watch for more states to do what the 34 or 35 are already doing. Virginia is leading the field in suing them.

Think about California and New York both tanking and no way to pay there share, must have already done deals for them, but it will all come out. most states will need the help maybe a handful like Alaska will not.

With the lobbyists donating a record $4 billion* to the House and senate members this year, like $8 million for each one those guys will not want to lose that kind of money and watch for a close one, but the lobbyists will actually save us on this one. They know you don't kill the Golden Goose.

Have a great year.

Bruce Said:

Help with financial aid?

We Answered:

contact financial aid at your school and they should be able to help you with subsidized and unsubsidized loans...also..there are loans your parents can take out for you while in school..i'd do it soon..not sure when you have to pay by but i know its soon

Sue Said:

i want 2 ask about education loan.?

We Answered:

You have to either deal with the bank with which you applied for the loan or apply through another bank.

Sally Said:

about loan from bank?

We Answered:

oh,, u have to do hard work for a study , in this way u have achieve your target

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buy an essay australia said:

It is the school responsibility to say the details of bank which are willing to give loans to the students and at what percentage the will be giving loans. As, it is very important for student to know the interest rate. As, he the only one who is going to repay that money so he should know about the interest rates.

things to do said:

Thank you for sharing the bank for student. said:

I suggest you don't go for loans even you have a problem and you need a solution. because once you go for it then you always become tens too submit it.