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Bank Student Loan

Eleanor Said:

how long should I wait to see if the student loan has problem transferring money into my bank account?

We Answered:

No, it is not something you should worry about right now. You see, you and every other yahoo out there is waiting for a student loan check (myself included). From past experience, I have found that even if they say it is disbursed, it isn't ... it is still in the process. You start worrying 1 month after all the paperwork is in.

When you call, you call the student loan people. The bank is merely the recipient and has no idea when a deposit is going to come in.

Good luck -- been there, it's a pain to wait but there is no hurrying the system when we file so late. Just eat noodles for a couple of weeks and then you can try a burger when you have the money.

Brenda Said:

Is it better to take a private student loan & pay it off with a bank loan?

We Answered:

If you are referring to Sallie Mae loans, you are correct- they are "jerks". This is the largest private student loan lender in the country so they have somewhat of a monopoly and choices are limited.

You are also correct in that finding a lower interest rate will both reduce your monthly payment and save you money in the end. The last time I checked, my bank was offering personal unsecured loans (no collateral) for around 12% so I'd recommend shopping rates at a site I use called Depending on your state, you might find a hidden deal.

Leon Said:

Whats the maximum bank loan for a student?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Lloyd Said:

How to get a Government, Bank or Student Loan?

We Answered:

through there they give you the options of subsidized and unsubsidized loans, the pell grant [which gives you alot of $], work study, etc.

apply for a pin and get your tax forms out. very simply to fill out actually

Perry Said:

What's a good loan bank to transfer a student loan to from Sallie Mae?

We Answered:

Chances are, you won't get a rate that low at any other banks. You can try going through your school to find other lenders and see if they'd be willing to transfer your loan. I would sit tight on your loan with Sallie Mae since you have a great rate and your loan will still be held by Sallie Mae despite being owned by corporations and not shareholders.

Christian Said:

How do i ask the bank for a student loan?

We Answered:

Call the bank and ask to make an appointment with someone concerning student loans. Then meat the person and explain what you need and why, they will tell you if they can or can't help.

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