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Banks That Offer Student Loans

Nathan Said:

What lenders offer private student loans, when the school isn't on the banks loan list?

We Answered:

Try a credit union.

Danielle Said:

Are there any Saudi banks that offer student loans?

We Answered:

Student Loan is never in Saudi Arabia. Hence no bank is offering this type of loan.

Jamie Said:

I know that nationalised banks offer STUDENT loan to a certain extent.?

We Answered:

You can look for international scholarships here:…

Good luck!

Jessie Said:

Are there any institutions ot banks in Lebanon which offer Scholarships or Student Loans?

We Answered:

TURNER he is talking about LEBANON... What federal gov you are talking about?

Anyway I know there are some, because my niece got a scholarship but it was through the college itself. So you have to check with the college and see what offers they give u

Leonard Said:

Student loans, where to get them? Best bank?

We Answered:

To get a student loan you fill out the fafsa application at
The banks you are speaking of do PRIVATE student loans and private student loans are evil and should be avoided at all costs unless you want to have to move back into your parents house after you graduate from college. Private student loans will have interest rates that are twice what you are paying for federal loans and they will be variable rate loans... meaning the interest rate will go up and up and up every year (along with your payments).

The loans you get through your schools fin aid office will be federal loans and they won't require you to have a cosigner or pass a credit check.

Jessie Said:

Is it true that only the government offers student loans, not banks?

We Answered:

No this is not true.

People can still get private student loans through places like Sallie Mae and Wells fargo. Your info is partly wrong... a student can only get FEDERAL student loans through the schools fin aid office (not outside banks)... this was changed last year because those outside banks were charging a higher interest rate than the schools and most people didn't know any better. So now they are all through the schools (called DIRECT loans) at the lowest interest rate possible.

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