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Bc Student Loan

Patrick Said:

Will getting a student loan affect my grant eligibility?

We Answered:

No, getting a loan should not affect your grant eligibility. Loans are usually added to your financial aid package after your grants. In fact, a school is, by law, required to calculate your Pell Grant eligibility before doing anything else.

Now, in most cases, your loan will need to be certified by the school. It is possible that the Chase loan you described is one of a handful of "direct-to-consumer" loans that could be used (though they shouldn't) for non-educational things (like the car you plan to purchase). These kinds of loans are okay, AS LONG AS you're certain that you're getting the best possible interest rate. In general, school certification makes a lender "comfortable" -- it assures them that the students are using their educational loan for educational expenses, which makes the loan low-risk. Any time a lender doesn't request school certification, the loan is higher-risk, which increases the interest rate substantially.

Consider contacting your school about getting a school-certified private loan that you can use to cover your summer courses and computer (not the car). Computers and classes are reasonable educational expenses and most schools will have no problem signing off on a loan to cover them. If your school can certify a loan for these things and that loan has a lower interest rate, I'd say "go for it." IF you need it later on, you could always apply for the direct-to-consumer Chase loan to cover the car (which I would simply refer to as "transportation"). This way, at least, you're getting SOME of your private loan at a better rate.

Jamie Said:

Paying back a student loan in Canada?

We Answered:

The federal government and most provinces provide education grants for those with demonstrated financial need. There are programs available for students with dependants.

The government provides grants and loans to improve the education of all Canadians. The more educated your friend is, the better the job she'll get, which in turn helps the economy.

Steven Said:

Is there a student loan that takes care of tuition and living expenses?

We Answered:

i think most student loans ya can pull out money for school and living - i know sallie mae does for sure

Lisa Said:

private student loan to study abroad?

We Answered:

Sallie Mae international provides student loans for US students who want to study abroad.

Carl Said:

Can i still receieve financial aid grants if i get a student loan?

We Answered:

Yes, I got financial aid and took out a student loan.

Frances Said:

Student loan help, is there any other government help that can help me for 2 months while i go to school?

We Answered:

Did you fill out a FASFA form? Fill one out. That will qualify you to get Stafford and Perkin Loans as well as Pell Grant and some state aid. You can also find Private student loans that are credit base through Chase or sallimae.

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