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Best Student Loan Consolidation

Rita Said:

Best student loan consolidation. Mine after 5 months just turned me down!?

We Answered:

Be thankful that your consolidation with this company didn't go through. There are many reputable lenders out there who offer Federal Consolidation Loans -- but I do not count Educational Direct among them. They employ a lot of trickery in their direct marketing; I always hope my students have nothing to do with them...

For your own edification, have you asked why they turned you down? Remember: Federal consolidation loans require no credit check -- so no consolidation lender should have turned you down for credit reasons. There are plenty of companies that trick their borrowers into obtaining private consolidation loans. You *don't* want this -- the rates are not set by the federal government and, being private, the loans typically offer none of the protection & benefits of the federal program.

First, go to and make sure that your loans weren't, in fact, consolidated. Use this website to determine who holds your loans at this moment (things change -- it may not be the same lender that held them 5 months ago). Once you have this information, pick a new lender with whom to consolidate. Sallie Mae and Citibank are the #1 and #2 student loan lenders, respectively. Either one would be a fine choice. They're well-established companies that offer competitive benefits and are technologically advanced.

If you're interested in doing some more research, check out this list of Top 50 Lenders: (note that Educational Direct is no where on this list).

William Said:

Anyone know of a best place for private student loan consolidation?

We Answered:

Ditto what Bob K said. It's what I plan to do with my private loans - but here's more information for you:

The Sallie Mae private loan consolidation program started at the end of April. They do a credit check, and depending on your FICO score you can get a rate that starts at prime and then moves up from there if your score is less than perfect. *But*, you can get a cosigner with excellent credit and get a rate closer to prime, and after two years of repayment you can remove the cosigner completely from the loan. The best part is that repayment can be for up to a 30 year term (maybe not for smaller balances, but ask anyway).

The White Collar Ruckus

Gina Said:

whats the best way to go about student loan consolidation?

We Answered:

Go with a reputable company which has had good reviews. Ask your friends or other grads/students on who they are working with and ask for feedback.

8 loans!? wow... Its probably time for you to consolidate them into one big payment instead of paying 8 loans monthly isn't it?

Read more on the link below... also don't forget to go to your student union or student services and ask for some advice.

Sherry Said:

what corp. has the best student federal loan consolidation plan?

We Answered:

Here you:…
There you go for information.
If you can't find what you need over there just go to the home page ( and use the search.
Here I searched some for you:……

This site is the best site for info on loans.

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