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Canada Student Loans Program

Sonia Said:

Student loans or financial programs in canada for bad credit?

We Answered:

Have you tried getting a student loan? I know some people who have had bad credit who received a student loan. I suppose it just depends on how bad your debt is... I really couldn't tell you for sure if it's possible. The best thing to do is try if you haven't already.

Also, where in Canada are you? There are different programs for different cities/provinces.

Helen Said:

Do mexican immigrants qualify for any student loan programs in any province in Canada?

We Answered:

depends. I don't know about other provinces but in Ontario if your friend is a landed immigrant or permanent resident and he has a SIN card then he can apply for student loans. He would be eligible for the federal portion of the loan and if he can prove that he has NOT lived in any other province in Canada for 12 months, he will be eligible for the Ontario portion of the loan as well.

He then has to ensure that the school that he goes to is approved for OSAP.

Amy Said:

Is there any kind of amnesty or partial payment program in Canada for decades old student loans?

We Answered:

actually, NO.
unless the loan was specifically forgiven, it is on the books forever. it cannot be excused even through bankruptcy.
also, the Canada Revenue Agency will nab any refund you ever get to help pay off the student loan. Sorry for the bad news.

Janice Said:

Are there student loans within Canada available for students from the UK?

We Answered:

Sorry, Canada only loans out money to students who will live here and benefit the rest of the society that loaned out the money in the first place.

There may be private lenders however, try the banks.

Josephine Said:

Are there are any Student Loans For American Students in Canada?

We Answered:

Sorry, for out of country schools that are not in conjunction with american schools, you are on your own.

Your only option is taking out private loans or saving up for it.

Doris Said:

What are some good places that offer United States citizens student loans to study in Canada?

We Answered:

Study abroad - if you are a student from the United States traveling to another country or foreign students coming to study in the United States - is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Studies show that over two hundred thousand students in the United States study abroad each year, while almost six hundred thousand international students seeking to attend college in the United States. The only problem is the examination of financial aid to be applied to international students. Fortunately, there is now international student loans, especially designed to help students in the United States to study abroad and to assist students studying in the United States. Indeed, international studies are becoming so popular that most loan programs for international students also help students to study in Canada and other international students come to study in Canada

Javier Said:

Can an american get student loans to attend a graduate school program in Canada?

We Answered:

NO. You CANNOT do that.

You must remain in the U.S. to use the student loans.

Face it, you're not moving to Canada. It's EXTREMELY hard to immigrate to Canada, you need to have a bachelor's degree or higher, you have to take this really hard test, basically unless you're a scientist or some sort of outstanding doctor, you won't be allowed to immigrate to Canada, just as it is for immigration to the U.S. It's a pipe dream buddy. Give up and move on.

Besides, you don't want to live in Canada because trust me, it isn't what it seems. I lived there for a while and hated it.

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