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Canadian Student Loan Centre

Constance Said:

I don't make enough money to make interest payments on my canadian student loans, what happens? ?

We Answered:

If your student loans have already gone into collections then you've let the situation get completely out of hand.

As pointed out above, the government knows where you are and will instruct your employer to take money out of your paycheque to make your very-much-delinquent loan payments.

Best suggestion: get a one-room apartment over someone's garage and prepare yourself to 'live poor' for several years. If you can get a second job and scrape together more cash to put on your debt, the wage garnishment will end sooner.

BTW - a wage garnishment order from the government looks VERY BAD to an employer. You've got to get this mess cleaned up soon because it will affect your ability to get a job.

Joyce Said:

can an international student get a loan from a bank in canada?

We Answered:

Good credit history students have got a main target to achieve higher study. Money plays good roll in their study because money completes their necessities of the higher study that’s why the requirements of money are increasing very fast, how ever the students who have got bad credit history, they don’t achieve higher study, due to lack money and they don’t pay the asset to avail loans.

If you are supposed to apply for No Co-signer Needed Student Loans, you just come online and search for No Co-signer Needed Student Loans over internet duration of searching over internet you will find many lenders who provide No Co-signer Needed Student Loans but you are to opt a right lender according to your choice.

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