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Car Loans For Students

Kathleen Said:

I paid off my car and student loans. Will my credit go up?

We Answered:

Definitely it will raise. The lower your debt to income and debt to credit ratios, the higher your score. Absolutely. It may take a few months to catch up with itself though.

Elizabeth Said:

How do car loans work?

We Answered:

Set your sights on that Jeep once you get that job! Earning is a privilege! Self-satisfaction.

Motorcycles are easy on the gas and maintenance. Get a double seater for your dates.

Micheal Said:

How do I get a student car loan without a job?

We Answered:

Just sign up for some Obama stimulus, whiich comes from his slash! Snicker!

Larry Said:

When do you pay back student car loans?

We Answered:

There is no such thing as a student car loan.

There are student loans and there are car loans.

Student loans should be used for paying for your college education.
Some people are irresponsible and use them to pay for cars, but that is just stupid if you think about it.
If you have the money to pay for school, buy an inexpensive used car and use the student loans on your education (like they are supposed to be used).

You pay back student loans, with interest, the earlier of 6 months after you fail to be considered a full-time student (carry at least 12 credit hours) or 6 months after you graduate.

You pay a back a car loan right after you take delivery on your vehicle. Typically, the first payment is due 30-45 days after purchase.

If you don't have a job, you shouldn't be committing yourself to monthly payments of anything.

Mildred Said:

a few credit questions? (car loans, student loans & credit cards)?

We Answered:

If you start demonstrating responsible credit management, it will help your credit history, but it takes time: 12+ months of on-time payments. What you "heard" about the credit cards is not true.

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