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Cibc Student Loans

Edwin Said:

Transfer money between Bank of America, and CIBC?

We Answered:

Go to Bank of America, Take your CIBC and loan info
And they will handle it for you

Ellen Said:

paying off collections debt?

We Answered:

First off, I have been in the mortgage business for 22 years. Student loans must be paid before you can get a good mortgage. Example if you applied for FHA loan with a defaulted student loan you are automatically declined, since student loans are backed by the government. You can try settling with them but most times they are not cooperative since they know that if you ever want a home, they will be paid eventually. Also the IRS will attach your refunds to pay defaulted student loans.
You asked does it help to pay off- it does not bring your score up to pay a collection. However, if you don't pay it will continue to bring score lower each month. It will also like I said halt any hopes of mortgage. Best way to raise score is to pay debt on time each month.
Good luck!!

Lori Said:

Help me deal with my provincial and federal student loans!?

We Answered:

not likely.

You can ask but chances are you will not get that money back. for some strategies to use in your current situation, check out…

Dave Said:

Will a Canadian bank provide a student loan for an out of country university?

We Answered:


Marion Said:

How to get rid of my student loan?

We Answered:

no. some portion of your loan could have been forgiven if you qualified for the Ontario Student Opportunity Grant (for OSAP recipients) and in other provinces there are other forgiveness programs but pretty much all of them say that your loans must be in good standing in order to qualify.

If you haven't paid, then the full amount of your loan is past due and you are probably in a collection agency and the interest on your overdue loan is accruing.

Zachary Said:

How can I get a mortgage?

We Answered:

Talk to the loan officer at your bank. That person should be able to give you some helpful ideas for qualifying. Meanwhile, save all you can and make sure you are not carrying a balance on your credit card.

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