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College Loan Consolidation

Carolyn Said:

College Loan?

We Answered:

personally i think parents should help out with education fees, especially if they can afford it, the thing is though that if they refuse point blank to help then you will probably end up resenting them. You have to choose whether you are going to "get on with it" and hopefully pay it off over the years or keep asking your parents to help. Maybe if they see you making an effort to pay if off they will fell guilty and help you out in the future. Good luck coz i know what it's like to owe this amount of money, not nice!

Cynthia Said:

College loan consolidation and credit score?

We Answered:

Consolidating students loans do not make a difference to the credit expect if you fail to repay them (as you did). I have consolidated and it has worked out fine. I started with a low interest rate and because I paid on time for 36 months continuously my interest rate was dropped an additional 1%. If you can't make all the payments, consolidation is the best way to go and make your life easier. Good luck.

Denise Said:

Relating to college loan consolidation -- what are the requirements & who are best lenders for this?

We Answered:

Requirements: As I recall, you must have more than $10,000 in outstanding loans. You must not be in default.

Best lenders: I chose to use the federal government who held most of my loans. You can check for more information.

Jean Said:

Where are good, trusted sites to research college loan consolidation companies and rates?

We Answered:

I know a few people who consolidated their loans through them and they offered them great rates.

You may also want to try

Peggy Said:

I am thinking doing a college loan consolidation where should I start?

We Answered:

Before any college loan consolidation you need to understand how things work try this site for starters.

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